£10 off £50 using eCoupon @ Tesco Direct (New Customers/Email Addresses Only)

£10 off £50 using eCoupon @ Tesco Direct (New Customers/Email Addresses Only)



Heat for your brackets.. Just don't forget which email address you've used lol
Might of used a new email address... might have worked... thanks (_;)
I like these.
worked for me :0) thanks
If you're a Gmail user and have already used this, you can use it again by just putting a dot in the middle of your address, it will resolve to the full address.

Unless Tesco's devs have gotten wise to this.
really about £7.50 off if able to take cheapest delivery slot
Just ordered the daughter a bike with code £60 cheers for that
Thanks OP!
I use this weekly, as for the email addresses, i advice using Yopmail.com... Disposable, no need to create an account.

Check it out
Another email tip is to use a gmail address as you can add full stops into it and google ignores them so you still get your mail but other websites see it as a new email address!

EDIT: Sorry i didn't see the comment already mentioning this!
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Sorry if this seems dumb - If you register with a new email address you can't put your clubcard number in as it is already registered - so how do you get the points?
Have used this now so still valid
But can you use it and claim points?
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