£10 off a £70 Spend and x2 Codes For £7 off a £70 Spend @ Tesco.com (Valid untill 5/4/09!)

Get code & visit siteous


middle one worked for me, cheers!


middle one worked for me, cheers!

Same here. very grateful :):)

yep middle one banked cheers

middle one for me too

Yep just this one

£7 off £70 XX76RD valid 2/3/09 - 22/3/09.

Cheers rep & heat!!:friends:

Middle one for me too, thanks very much heat and rep added x

middle worked for me 2 ... thanks

middle 1 4 me as well thanks

Yep middle one here also.

Still nice find H&R accordingly :thumbsup:


Sorry couldn't rep you WW need to spread to love.

middle one again worked for me. Have banked for future use! Many thanks. :thumbsup:

many thanks middle one worked for me to..................................:):):):):thumbsup:

Thanks. Looks like Tesco have finally realised that they are loosing out to Asda by not giving codes! Great find WonderWoman.

Might sound dumb here, but how do you use these codes? I had a look at the tesco.com website and couldn't find anywhere to enter the code to "bank it".

What does wys mean?


Banked nice one!

banked the middle one - ta!

Original Poster


What does wys mean?

When you spend


Great - thanks!

Just used the last code!
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