10% off all make-up purchases at the new Body Shop online store

10% off all make-up purchases at the new Body Shop online store


I don't want to start a flame war but Anita Roddick was one of my heroes
and she sold out to this lot.


So I voted cold.

I appreciate your feelings, and I feel exactly the same as you - but I don't think it's fair to vote cold on that basis. This is about how good a deal this is for people who want to shop at Body Shop, not a judgement on the business itself.

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I understand where you're coming from palspal, but I agree with Steve's comments above.

But then again, the vote is yours to choose what to do with it, and I appreciate you leaving a comment in the thread.



Thanks for this emma

I understand what you mean palspal, its very lame that they are back tracking on issues that they onece stood for!

One consolation here

According to last week's TheBigIssue, 10% of Body Shop's Gift Sales will be awarded to BigIssue charity (only in September). This is to celebrate the 15th Birthday of BigIssue Foundation / Magazine by Mr Roddick (husband of Body Shop founder Anita Roddick).

Sorry to be so long with a response but BT has put our district on hold and offline for two weeks.

Well, I was asked to leave a reason why I voted cold and I certainly wasn't going to vote anything else. So if you want us to vote on every deal, then for me, in this case, there wasn't any alternative.

One can only hope that AR is trying to redeem her reputation by rescueing that of the company who gave her £Ms and I am certainly not niave enough to think that anyone who really wants this bargain would take any notice of my opinion.


Palspal - we really appreciate your reason for voting cold & very pleased that you did say WHY you voted cold. For the same reason, Steve has his own set of argument and I found another issue alongside to vote +ive.

I think this is the thrust of a healthy forum :-D
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