10% Off all vostro desktops and notebooks between 2pm & 4pm Thurs 12 & Fri 13 June!-10%

Get code & visit siteZ14


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Absolutely amazing mate!!! Thanks for the voucher

great thanks.


GAH! I only ordered mine yesterday!!!

So annoying.


GAH! I only ordered mine yesterday!!!So annoying.

Cancel the order, re-order it today.


Cancel the order, re-order it today.

Actually, it was for that Vostro offer recently put up. I think the £50 off ended yesterday, so I shouldn't really grumble.

I take it I have to buy it through a business or can anyone buy from their small business site?

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Anyone can buy through the small business ite - make sure you put your own name for the business name, and select "for home use".

Cool thanks for the info Getting very tempted as I want a low cost one for wandering round the house!

Is it worth taking out the extended warranty on the laptops? Any views greatfully received.
many thanks claire

Already working.


Is it worth taking out the extended warranty on the laptops? Any views … Is it worth taking out the extended warranty on the laptops? Any views greatfully received. many thanks claire

It depends what you're doing with it - if it sits on a desk and wont be moved around there is probably less need of a warranty. If you're moving your laptop to and from work and you want it to last a few years then I'd certainly get an extended warranty. As a manager at Acer told me when my Acer Travelmate broke yet again, "laptops are the new toasters", but this perhaps says more about Acer than it does about laptops generally.

I think it's 5% off Dell SMB site from Quidco too!

I order my laptop from previous deal (Vostro 1510) and for some amazing reason Dell Shipped my laptop the very next day and its on the way to delivery. Applying this 10% code will get me more discounts.. I am confused.. can someone point me to what has to be done?

I ordered on 10th night, 11th morning laptop shipped!!!! :O !! Any help anyone?

Many thanks to Emasu. Couldn't resist when all the discounts applied so looking forward to receiving my new Vostro!
Many thanks for posting!!

what are ALL the discounts please?
many thanks:-D


As found yesterday this voucher works from 1pm

Live now.

Many thanks, saved me £50odd with this.

and yes it's 5% (exc VAT/delivery) from Quidco :thumbsup:

Voucher still works at 4:10 PM!!

I was so close to buying the Vostro Dell Laptop the other night for my Niece (I have a Quidco account, so I generously offered)...and am so glad I didn't. Using this I saved her another £40.so thank you....(and from my Niece too). :thumbsup:

Thanks for the Quidco reminder! :thumbsup: I signed up just to get a further 5% off from Dell which was tracked within 1 day! Like Tuckeral said, it's 5% off before you include VAT/delivery.

Damn! Missed it. I hope another offer is around soon. Thanks anyway.
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