£10 off and £8.45 off codes for La Redoute-£10

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Can always do with more la redoute codes Havent seen a £5 off one before, only for verdabaut

the 6212 seems to be £5 off but no free delivery!

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Well that's what my letter says!

actually just tried these on SALE ITEMS and the codes work there too. thanks to op.good codes. (does not offer free postage BUT works on sale items so cannot grumble.:thumbsup:

No free postage for me either

try 6215 should give you £5 off + free postage


try 6215 should give you £5 off + free postage

if this a new code (as i have looked for it on here and cannot find this) then maybe it would be better to submit it as a deal. thanks anyway, going to try it later.:thumbsup:

tried the 6215 worked £5 off plus free delivery so i've posted it up!

Just used 6215, it worked £5plus free postage. thnx
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