£10 off and free delivery and free gift-£10

Get code & visit site221


I have used this one couple of times recently, as someone said previously.. pay via credit or debit card and dont put it on account.. bargain!!

Cheers for that!

Just ordered a couple of shirts and a swimming costume
Free Delivery a free Holdall and posted free:roll:


Thanks for this pinklaces, la redoute are great! :thumbsup:

Hi,anyone know the MOV for code 4031.:)

how are people using the code more than once. Are they applying them to separate accounts or using a separate Debit Card ?

Hi everyone,
Just ordered from La Redoute.
Code 4031 no longer valid. I have used the code 0221 and save £10 + free delivery.
That's great:thumbsup: .
Thanks for the code.

crazy shopper

Hi everyone,Just ordered from La Redoute.Code 4031 no longer valid. I … Hi everyone,Just ordered from La Redoute.Code 4031 no longer valid. I have used the code 0221 and save £10 + free delivery.That's great:thumbsup: .Thanks for the code.

Good saving! Welcome to HUKD!

anyone used the Code more than once. Ive got 3accounts, altho probs only used one before. Have just used the code 0221 on one account with an order.

If I use the code on another account, do u think it would stand.
Or should I wait until Ive had delivery from this order incase the code is not applied, even though it was at Checkout

I used 0221 and got myself a nice Jumper, with the tenner off

As of 16:00 09/Nov/2006 "4031" is no longer active, but "0221" is still going.

I am a regular shopper at 'La Redoute' and used 0221 last Thursday evening. Goods arrived this morning... discount applied to account accordingly, and very quick delivery! Top notch yet again from 'La Redoute'.

Your order total including Post and Packing £ 1.00 Your order is registered.

using 0221

I couldnt get it to let me register an account, so i really cant be bothered to ring them as i dont have a landline

did you select NO, pay by credit card?

I used 4031 and was told it was no longer valid but the 0221 worked fine and I managed to pick my wife up 3 tops in the sale part for just £1.20 (inc p&p) Excellent

Thanks just got some boots for winter and only cost me 7.00 pounds!! :thumbsup:

ordered something worth £11 and paid £1
received it today!

Was about to use this but the order process says : "All La Redoute order codes are non-transferable and remain the property of the company at all times. Unless otherwise stated, La Redoute order codes are for single use against full price merchandise only."

I know I am risking it on the non-transferrable stakes... but has anyone used it on discounted products?
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