£10 Off and free delivery at lxdirect.co.uk

£10 Off and free delivery at lxdirect.co.uk



Do you know if there are any limitations on this one

Just tried to order the latest Harry Potter book @ £9.99 and the voucher didn't seem to work even though their order system recognised it when I put in the code

Has Anybody else tried this

Welcome to HUKD + Thanks for the post

It's best not to try these voucher codes to cover the full cost of an order, as they're more likely to be refused. As mentioned in other threads, use voucher codes sensibly and fairly, as everyone will lose out if they stop issuing them. Add more than the value of a voucher code and think of it as being a very fair gain. In the end, you are getting something for nothing after all.
Hi Stez, Welcome to Hukd's
Usually you have to use the whole of these voucher ... so you would need to buy something totalling £10 or more! I know its only 1p difference :roll:
I know, there is always a sponger out there (me) trying to buck the system and ruin it for everyone.

Actually I wasn't really intending on buying the book. it was just that I had told a work mate aout this offer and she ahad used it to buy some sports gear (in excess of £10)and it didn't work either. I felt a bit guilty passing on duff info so wanted to have a bash myself.

Must say thanks to all for a brilliant web site. I've been using it for some time now and saved a fortune on stuff I never really thought I wanted in the first place, carry on witht he good work
I think the other code is dead but i used the new one on some nike air dunks got them for £11.50
Bought some trainers and sports wear, total about £59, applied voucher, discount showed on order confirmation screen, but full price shown on account when logging in and also on packing slip, is this usual, have never used lx direct before, only used because of the voucher code as M & M are alot cheaper normally.

I have used littlewoods online though, surely I am a first time customer of lx direct !?

Anyone experienced similar issues or have any ideas before I end up on the phone to customer services.

I was in the same boat, was happy with the trainers that turned up but wasnt making much of a saving without the £10 off + free p+p.

Discount showed up on confirmation screen and on the order confirmation email. But tracking the order online and packing slip displayed item at full price. Was going ring up CS but checked my bank statement online and noticed that the full amount was debited then a few entries down saw a refund issued for £13.50.

Did you have to create a new account for LX direct and pay by credit/debit card? If so, I would definately argue your case.
Thanks for this deal

checked my bank statement online and noticed that the full amount was … checked my bank statement online and noticed that the full amount was debited then a few entries down saw a refund issued for £13.50.

thats how mine showed up too.
I bought some trainers for £35 + 3.50 P&P and applied this code.

My e-mail showed a deduction to take the balance to £25. I then had a debit on my card of £38.50, but two days later a credit for £13.50.

Seems a strange way to do it but got a bargain in the end.

I also opened a new account in my wifes name and got the discount again.
Hi, I ve tried using these codes but when I reached the checkout stage 3 to enter the credit/debit card details - the full total value is still shown on the top of the page: "You have selected to pay by credit/debit card. Your total order value is £XXX"

Whereas in stage 2 the discount seem to have been applied...it this normal?

Thanks for helping out.
hi think this code has a minimum spend of £20
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