£10 off and Free Delivery for new Littlewoods direct customers

£10 off and Free Delivery for new Littlewoods direct customers



code is not available for credit card use. have to open an account with them.
Only available on first orders so it told me
Sorry just seen the title of the thread says new customers
grumpiness - sorry didnt say in the ad or I would of included that information

dabbit - yup! :giggle: The one piece of information I could include and you missed it
Voted HOT - Good to see you back Kelly-O!! :thumbsup:
I work for Littlewoods and know that they are stopping any orders they spot with codes not personally issued to you. You don't get an email telling you this, read the Terms and Conditions on their website point 2.3 It advises any codes not found to be issued to you, will be removed. Also advises you will not be advised of this and that the full amount of the order will be deducted from your card or charged to your account. They are fully covered by the T's & C's so you can't even argue about it if you go overdrawn on your card!
Kringeldec I think everyone this side of the Rio Grande now knows you work for littlewoods.
Go make yourself a cup of tea, have a break - have a kitkat.
I work for the government and you're all under arrest 8-)
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