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Should have also said that it's your choice whether to try it,please don't count on it definitely working and then hate me if it doesn't.

can we get this verified, if so it looks great.

People always say that these codes are user specific, please post on here if it works for you.

Where do you enter the code? :?

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Clicking use voucher should apply it. I think ebay has been updated to have paypal open up on their domain so it should be easier to see where to try the voucher. It is annoying that you have to be binded to the sale to find out but i thought it was worth posting juat incase it did work. And yeah,ebay codes do tend to be user specific but we shall see soon if this is one of them.

Just tried it on an item, and no luck for me.
Removes the 10%, and then when you try to log into paypal it is rejected. Account specific I am afraid

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Damn,sorry everybody. Best have a mod remove this.

thats lame why do some get this and other dont!

I have never had a single Ebay voucher code before, do they only send them to people that have hardly ever used it?

yep - user specific, did not work for me either

Shame! :x
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