10% off at Lenovo (Laptops/Computers) this weekend only

10% off at Lenovo (Laptops/Computers) this weekend only

Found 20th Jul
Some nice prices on laptops/computers available.
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Unfortunately it doesn’t work fully for products that already have a web discount applied. Instead, you only get a 10% discount off the original, undiscounted price.
10% off already over-priced kit. Cold.
I thought this might be great for a reconditioned unit but if a reconditioned unit has already been dropped in price from New this is how likely going to give you a 10% extra off so I'm basing cold as well
A useful deal if you are after one of the Thinkpad X's configured exactly how you want. A high end Thinkpad is well over £2k and £200+ off is worth having.

A general question - what is Lenovo like on returns? Ie the computer arrives, works as intended, but doesn't really deliver a great experience for you you and you want your money back. HP make great play of the fact you can return within a few days (something I needed to do once as well), but Lenovo is not so overt though I think it will do a refund as well. Has anybody any real life experience?
When is this likely to return
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