10% off during November using promotional code @ Novatech

10% off during November using promotional code @ Novatech



Very shabby offer... I tried various times to use but no luck stating "not valid with my customer number"! I called Novatech who literally updated the offer page as I spoke to them "All deals limited while stocks last - only one of each offer per customer. Not to be used in conjunction with any other offers. Available only to customers who have bought from us in store at Bristol, Reading or Cardiff, within the last 3 years. Prices correct at time of print, errors and omissions exempt". Not very fair to existing online customers, I will shop elsewhere as a result oO
Good saving. Hot voted, shame for closing the shops though
Works fine here along with OCT10. Guessing they're being selective because all I've ever purchased from them previously was a CPU cooler for like 20 quid.
I tried to use the above code but its says code invalid or has expired, I am assuming it will start in NOV. However, with OCT10 it says am invalid for this customer. Does that mean any code you have posted or will be posting will not work as its specific for certain customers ?
Complained to Novatech online chat and said it was a misleading advert. They confirmed what has already been said that you have had to have purchased stuff in the 3 named shops. Grrrrr
Specific to a small number of people only - following message comes up:

"This offer is for a select group of customers to check eligibility please log in to your online account and try again."
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