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Thanks edi, always great to get money off flights!

Just a note that my gf and I flew with them to egypt(luxor) the christmas before last and we weren't very impressed with them... They really are budget. The chair in front of my girlfriend could not be put forwards when we came into land as it was broken, and the aircraft was old and not in good condition, not the cleanest either.

I am still considering flights with them again for egypt this year but only as they are much cheaper than others for egypt, and we are not sure we can even afford to go... :roll:

p.s. thanks for the code! Seems to work out at just about £10 cheaper than we paid last time, funnily enough ;-)

Dont go with XL, we had a 24hour delay when flying to the dominican rebublic. And the aircraft and service was worse than crap.... spend the extra £10, its worth it

Have used them 3 times to Tenerife, brand new 737 with leather seats (all working). Can't fault them!

Have booked again this year but used the code TESCO which is still valid, I think it gives £20 off.

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Code TESCO is exclusively for Tesco Staff

Just recieved my Tesco Deals vouchers this morning and you can use £10 in deals vouchers for £40 off XL.com flights. Wish I had known when I booked my flights with them!

DONT GO WITH XL!! Poor plane,flight,meals, service.

We flew with them from Gatwick to Orlando. The jumbo was very, very old and the staff went missing after an hour or so and reappeared only for meals and the landing. They were nice enough, but you can't help but feel that you are flying with budget on all counts.
However, the seat sizes were good!
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