10% off Hotels using promo code @ Lastminute.com

10% off Hotels using promo code @ Lastminute.com



Just used this to get 10% off, thanks very much for sharing it Madmont!
Madmont, thanks very much for the discount!
Nice, so it worked twice then ? Must me multi use, happy days!!
Make that 3 times,,,worked ok for me also
thanks madmont
Worked for me too, cheers!! Much appreciated.
Brilliant, just got a two night stay with extra 10%
Me too! Thank you for that xx
Booked a "secret hotel" knowing it was the hotel I wanted and used this code so got massive discount all together! Thanks!
I did the same - secret hotel (knowing and hoping it was the one I wanted) fantastic discount...from £230 down to £180 - Thanks alot!
This worked for me, thank you very much :-)
Use the GC prefix but substitute the week days from Monday to Sunday month and year and the promo code comes up as valid. Eg to day is 19th may...use code GC13190513. Just got me 10% off a secret hotel deal.
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