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Thanks for this edi

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Thanks Ray

All PAYG phones are listed @ dialaphonepp.co.uk where the code should be entered in the checkout.

Maybe im being blind, but I can't actually find any pay as you go phones on their site???

edit: ahh different url thanks!

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I hope you can... Now

Dont suppose anyone knows whether w810i on orange is branded or locked to orange. I know they are neither at carphonew?

Would call them but they dont take calls in regards to pay and go phones.


My friend bought mobiles off them last year, which included the w710i (i think) - that was locked and orange branded (with the orange sidebar thing), so I would say that this company probably sells the branded phone, but it is correct that cpw sells their phones usually unlocked and unbranded with a seperate sim card to the network of your choice (online anyway - not sure they do unbranded in store - instead they sell them at a higher price called 'sim free')

Hope this helps :thumbsup:


what do you mean by orange sidebar?

definitely pay 140 from carphone if was difference between being unlocked and unbranded.


The orange sidebar is built into most orange branded phones these days, it is shown on the main screen, and is basically a shortcut bar for many of the useful features on the phone. I know my mother has had a samsung z500 and a motorola U6, and motorola L6 from orange last year, and all had the side bar, but im not sure if they put it with sony ericsson phones, I had a k800i with no sidebar.

Example of sidebar (sorry not the best pic):


Hope this helps


P.S - Every phone I have ever ordered from cpw have been 'sim free' versions with no branding and completely unlocked, they also give free next day delievery and 7 days where you can return the phone to one of their stores if your not satisfied for a refund or exchange.

Thanks for pic Bryan never thought would have this if o2 card was in?

Agree carphone good with returns where as dial a phone look very suspect in this regards.

From experience though I have never received a phone next day from Carphone or even in 2 days to be honest always takes few days to process, but it is free and unlocked so not complaining.

Since dial a phone doing 512 card free on w810i and 10 £10 credit and only 126, better deal than CW 139 without memory card, but wont bother till I know its unbranded and unlocked.


No probz, glad I could help :thumbsup:

Just tried to use this voucher and it isn't working, does anyone have a new code please. Thanks

the op was january so is probably expired now

Code seems to work again
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