10% off online spend of £45 or more. Good for christmas shopping!-10%

Get code & visit siteF68



These will come in very useful, thanks and welcome to HUKD ]rsd18


gonna get the st tropez Boots deal on 13th (its £45)

I tried the BFAF79 code before but didn't work.

not working for me either ... x

code not working voted cold

code not working :-(

same here! Had a basket of stuff waiting for me to add the code!

Not working. Where did it come from as it may be worth phoning if a genuine offer?

The boots BFAF79 code is working now !

wont accept it still for me?

You need to sign into your account for discount code to work.

I just successfully used BFAF790. Thanks op!

Heat & Rep given.

Thanks just used it. Boots are also giving 600 extra points when you spend over £60

The boots BFAF79 code isn't working!!!HELP

I need to order a new cooker.

sorry for voting cold, I just used the code now and worked, must have been a day late in activating it

Might be an idea to add BOOTS in the title. Just a thought.

awesome thanks!

Thanks for this code. I just ordered some toys on the 3 for 2 and some estee lauder makeup.
I saved £15 on the toys, and £6.70 on the total bill.
I also got 1350 extra advantage card points as they are giving 600 extra points for over £60 spend and 750 points on 2 estee lauder products.:-D

EXCELLENT!!! Have just put an order through and saved lots of money Code definitely worked for me.


The boots BFAF79 code isn't working!!!HELPI need to order a new cooker.

I doubt that this code will work for boots kitchen appliances.


Not working. Where did it come from as it may be worth phoning if a … Not working. Where did it come from as it may be worth phoning if a genuine offer?

They're staff 'friends and family' codes. If you know anyone who works for boots, have a word with them as there's paper versions of this voucher as well, for use in store. They're still for 10% off, and valid the same dates, but there's no minimum spend on the paper voucher.


trying to use this to get 10% off an order of £102 and i wont work!!!

Worked for me. Make you log-in before you add the code.

Thank you :thumbsup:

BFAF45 code worked for me.

Heat added

Thanks - just got the 10% off along with the 1500 extra points offer.

must be me!!! still not working! Dont know why!!
it is saying code invalid!! and i have logged in

worked for me today thanks

Thanks I used it with 1500 points buying 3 fragrance gifts and they're also giving 1000 if you spent over £50. So £6.95 discount and £27.50 worth of points

not working for me

BFAF68 code is working


BFAF68 code is working

Nope,not now it's not
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