10% off orders using voucher code @ Holland and Barrett

10% off orders using voucher code @ Holland and Barrett



Just saved me £3.20 on top of all the buy one get one half price offers - hot deal, thank you!
Thanks for posting. Very handy that it works on sale items!
Excellent, thanks.
This is generous of Holland and Barret, and I'm glad I searched, as the codes are there for customers, but customers often don't know unless they search.

I had their free delivery over £15 offer, and current discounts on certain items (a few items I bought around half price), plus herbs 2nd is half price offer, and this 10% code off everything still.

This code seems to work with any other discounts / offers going at the same time.

Thanks to ozkerrizo and H&B!
Code says expired on this site, but I just used it successfully as described in my comment above. 08:30 am, April 1st 2015. (No April fool there).

Still going.

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just used this code and saved 10% on 7th April 2015 even though it says its expired on here
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