10% off parcel delivery order using promotion code @ My Hermes

10% off parcel delivery order using promotion code @ My Hermes



not working now
Worked for me, thank you
Works, thanks
Thanks, still working.
Thanks, sending 3 parcels, got got the weight wrong on one of them, they will charge me extra but don't know how much though.
Thanks, just used it successfully. Makes sending my family's Christmas presents slightly less :).
I used to sing their praises but at the moment,a nightmare.

Sent 2 gift boxed items,Hermes damaged them,put a claim in after receiving pics from the buyer & Hermes said they don't compensate for damaged boxes,errrr these are gift boxes you have damaged so now the items are useless oO

Another one,the packaging was ripped to shreds,they asked for clearer pics,which shouldn't even be needed if they did like Royal Mail did and they were labelled up as damaged in transit at least.

A third,they left in the porch of somebody around the corner,the completely wrong address,I'm quickly going off Hermes.
worked for me @ 8:30 17/12/2014 thank you X)
Didn't work for me
not working
are these still a rubbish company? plz

are these still a rubbish company? plz

I haven't had any problems since my last post,touch wood!
thanks for the reply
no good
Hermes lost two of my packages nothing put through letterbox to say they had been I had an alternative address (my neighbour) who hadn't received either. Did not get money back from groupon but a credit note. Not good enough as I am a retired lady mostly at home every day
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