10% off purchases using discount code @ Ideal World TV

10% off purchases using discount code @ Ideal World TV



Just used this code and saved £7. Thanks very much. Heat added.
My pleasure barbarap39
Just saved 3 quid which halves the postage. Cheers !
WOW!! Thanks op,just saved me a whopping £25 so people the code is still working today 25/11/2012
Thanks still valid 17/12/12...and used with free P+P code also posted. x
Just used 5/1/2013 but have noticed on another site that this code is valid until 8/1/2013 which may or may not be true.
I'll check as well. Thanks ZigZag.
WOW Thanks so much saved 43 pounds when placing my order a massive saving x
Excellent! saved £20+ today! So code is still active 20/01/13
Glad it's still working. Thank you for letting people know it's still active
Code still live as we speak, cheers guys much appreciated saved £16 cant complain at that.
This code still live used today and saved £20 ,17 Feb 2013 X)
Code is still good - just saved me 10% !
Code still working thanks saved 20 pounds
Still working
wow thank you ,just saved £27 fantastic love it,
Thank you! The main item that I ordered wasn't discounted, but I got 10% off the peripherals, which effectively put the postage down to £1.99. I can live with that. Nice one!
Many thanks for this. I used the 10% code and saved £20.
Thank you.
Dont forget to use this code as well for free delivery 857565
Thanks. Still working 28.3.2013
Thanks for code 857565 - got free delivery too
Great - got discount plus after reading about discount code for free p&p - got free shipping too.
At end before submitting add : 857565 to get free p&p. 28th March 2013
Thanks for code 857565 got free p&p plus the above code for 10% - Excellent
Thank you - just saved 10% on my purchase - great!
still working just saved 7 pounds
Code worked & also used the code 857565 for free delivery too!
thanks just saved £15 on my order
Awsome code £20 saved on the pick of the day and there running FREE P&P for there birthday. WIN!
Thanks still working 14/04/13. Saved just over £13.
Code still working today - 25th april
Not working anymore?
I tried to use it a few days ago but vouchercodes.com says it expired on 28 April. Ah well, good while it lasted!
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