10% off until 07/01/2018 - Fine Coffee Club

10% off until 07/01/2018 - Fine Coffee Club

Found 2nd Jan
If you like your coffee and have a Nespresso machine then this company does good coffee and are doing 10% off this week.

Offer ends on Sunday 7th Jan.

Free delivery if you purchase 101+ pods.

Hope this is of some help to you!
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Your millage might vary but when we tried these pods found them very hit or miss, only around half of them worked
the secret of nespresso pods are at what pressure the pods are sealed at .....(and of course the coffee), these are not sealed under the same pressure and the water just trickles over the coffee and you end up with coffee flavoured water. I had to return all mine after persisting for a month.
Maybe they have improved recently? I have recently bought two batches of Rwandan, Colombian and house blend. The only ones i have had go wrong is the house blend. Probably lost 3 or 4 pods out of about 250 or so... still decent value overall.
At least 30% of my pods failed! Sometimes causing a huge water leak over my worktop. IMO not worth the hassle
I have an issue with them too, the capsules don't always pierce and the machine kind of chews them up making them unusable.
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