10% off using gift code @ GAME (Maximum discount of £10)

10% off using gift code @ GAME (Maximum discount of £10)



Code doesnt work

Error Summary

The promotion code you have entered is invalid. Please verify the code and try again.

I have already tried this while logged into my GAME account.
Not sure why, unless it was on an item not covered as outlined in the t's and c's?
Yeah seems odd i even done it on two copies of "the last of us" just to test and still didnt work. Can anyone confirm this worked for them and if so which item

Thanks guys
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Doesn't work, tried various basket combos all over £50 (tried single items and multiple items), even tried under £50 and always fails.
doesn't work!
hey guys I just checked with Game they said to use GAMEPAL13 and starting tomorrow GAMEPAL is usable they both will expire on the 07/09/13
may i ask a stupid question!! why cant you use this voucher code when you buy through paypal?? When paypal are the ones with the voucher code for game? you would think it would be you have to checkout with paypal for the vouucher code to work? Makes no sense to me! and code does not work either so its bad paypal displaying this too!
thanks - used GAMEPAL13 - ordered Swap Force Dark Edition, and cancelled the original preorder
GAMEPAL13 worked thanks
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Thank you sammeyc that worked was going mad thinking i was doing something wrong lol
Thanks for the code. Just bought a preowned DSiXL for £49.49 saving a further £5.50.

Forgot to mention that it was GAMEPAL13 that worked.
You dont seem to be able to use the code more than once.
Nice, shame the PC version of Watch Dogs is so expensive on the Game website otherwise I would have used this plus my loyalty card balance to buy it.
many thanks

You dont seem to be able to use the code more than once.

make another account?
Code working for me.
Thanks OP. Now to weigh up if I'll save more money getting GTA V from Tesco with the voucher, or grabbing GTA V and a game for the boy at the same time. Calulator time.
Used this yesterday, order was cancelled today, and now the code is invalid again.

It was for Xbox One game preorders.
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