10% off using promo code @ Lastminute.com

10% off using promo code @ Lastminute.com



Wonder if this would work alongside the 12% Topcashback, or if they'd notice and cancel the 12%...

Just noticed code JANSAVE20 on TCB which IS approved, for £20 off an all-inclusive booking of £600 or more... just about to book £700 of all-in, so might be a safer bet if I use it with the 12%
is this legit? the website looks a bit dodgy, it's not the usual lastminute.com website if you access via the link above. Also, where do you put the code in?
First 4 digits of the web address access allow you to enter a discount code. that you can't do on the normal website.

List is endless change the first 4 digits try them;

8306.lastminute.com/ - 10% OFF ( BETTER10 )

8310.lastminute.com/ - 5% OFF ( CAPITAL5 )

8309.lastminute.com/ - 10% OFF - ( CSMA10 )

8312.lastminute.com/ - 10% OFF - ( MCARD10 - Mastcard Discount)
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So why do you need to use the first 4 digits?
I think you have to be a member of better.org.uk, I'm sure they'll check if you have a card?
Also yes, it doesn't look like the real website so I'm not keen to put my credit card details on that!
Yes this is fine I have used it this morning and checked it with lastminute, you do need to go in via the link specified though to get the discount and go in as a guest onto the site if already registered with them - there are some really good offers in London as they are already discounting nearly 50% and you get a further 10%
I was a bit reluctant to book through those sites with the numbers at the beginning of the web addresses - purely because when I went through to them I wasnt convinced with the look / feel of the sites so phoned Lastminute to make sure they were OK. I gave the guy on the phone the codes and he was able to use them there and then so I booked direct. I used the Mastercard one (MCARD10) which got me 10% off the MasterCard fee and 10% off my booking.
Was going to book through TopCashBack but we all know sometimes they don't honour you the cash back so went for the direct discount instead.
Cheers ajns23 for the code!!!
Thanks all. glad it helps some people, the reason why the website looks different is because the links are very old and they have not been updated to the latest website.

you MUST go via the links to get the discount.
It worked here. Good stuff.
Hey all,

Is these codes just for Hotels, was trying to book for a flight to Bangkok? You cant seem to navigate off the links above to get flight pages.


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