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[LEFT][COLOR=Blue]]Verbatim Vinyl-Effect (52x) CD-R 30p a disc


Available by popular demand, these stylish Verbatim discs have a groove-y vinyl effect

[/COLOR] [LEFT][COLOR=Blue]]Verbatim (Taiyo Yuden) (16x) DVD+R 20p a disc


Produced by Taiyo Yuden for Verbatim. The best quality DVDR that Verbatim have ever offered (in our opinion).

[/COLOR] [LEFT][COLOR=Blue]]Verbatim (4x) 4.7GB DVD+RW Disc 40p a disc


This is the typical high quality you would expect from Verbatim in a DVD+RW disc. ]Verbatim (4x) DVD-RW


only 74p per disc
Each disc has a silver surface with the Verbatim logo embossed on the surface. The underside of the disc is dark grey.

]Verbatim (2.4x) Double Layer DVD+R


only £1.50 per disc
Sold by Verbatim as 2.4x but capable of being written at higher speeds.

]Verbatim Datalife Plus (2.4x) Double Layer DVD+R


only £1.95 per disc [/COLOR] [/LEFT]
[COLOR=Blue] Double the Capacity .... Double the Memories. In our opinion the best quality Double Layer DVDR disc available.[/COLOR] [/LEFT]

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[COLOR=Blue]]Verbatim Hi-Speed Store 'n' Go USB2.0 Pen Drive
[/COLOR] [LEFT] [COLOR=Blue]http://www.svpbuyersclub.co.uk/newsletter/images/spacer.gif

http://www.svpbuyersclub.co.uk/newsletter/images/spacer.gif[/COLOR] [/LEFT]
These USB storage devices from Verbatim feature faster read and write speeds than their predecessors.

[/COLOR] [LEFT][COLOR=Blue]256MB £4.99 | 512MB £5.99
1GB £8.99 | 2GB £14.99
4GB £27.99


]Verbatim USB2.0 U3 Smart Drive

Imagine being able to carry your applications and personal data with you wherever you go. Verbatim's Store 'n' Go Smart Drive lets you work and play smarter using U3 Smart applications from U3.com.

[COLOR=Blue] 1GB £9.99
2GB £15.99
4GB £29.99[/COLOR]

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[COLOR=Blue]]Secure Digital (SD) Memory Cards


Verbatim remains one of the most reliable and recognisable names in the data storage industry. If customers ask us what the best media to use is, we generally recommend Verbatim as a first choice.

512MB £6.99
1GB £8.27
2GB £15.51

http://www.svpbuyersclub.co.uk/newsletter/images/spacer.gif]Verbatim Compact Flash Memory Cards


Verbatim remains one of the most reliable and recognisable names in the data storage industry. Available in capacities up to 2GB.

1GB £11.47
2GB £20.60
4GB £42.98

http://www.svpbuyersclub.co.uk/newsletter/images/spacer.gif]Verbatim MiniSD Memory Cards


Designed for the latest mobile phones. Included with an adaptor for use in devices with SD slots.

512MB £7.37

http://www.svpbuyersclub.co.uk/newsletter/images/spacer.gif]Verbatim Micro SD (Transflash) Memory Cards


Currently one of the smallest memory cards available, the MicroSD (Transflash) memory card enables you to store more of your photos, videos, ringtones and music from your mobile phone.
512MB £8.53

http://www.svpbuyersclub.co.uk/newsletter/images/spacer.gif]Verbatim MMCmobile Dual Voltage Memory Cards


MMCmobile dual voltage cards have an extremely small size of 24 x 18 x 1.4mm, specifically designed to work best in mobile phones. They are space saving in size and use a tiny amount of battery power.

512MB £7.99
1GB £15.99

Excellent quality products..I am currently using their CDRs and they are superb.

Thanks rayman.

Good spot.

For those who do not know, SVP is a first class reputable company. I have used them for years - they have superb customer focus and can be trusted.:thumbsup:


Great post ray, thanks
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