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10% on price shown for selected LG OLED TVs, new & existing My John Lewis members using Discount code @ John Lewis

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Save 10% on price shown for new & existing My John Lewis members (Apply promo code LGTV10 at checkout)

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3. Click on the ‘Add promotional code’ link at the payment stage of checkout and enter LGTV10 to claim your discount.

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    I missed out on the £699 deal for the 42" C2 on Black Friday and observed the prices regularly to see how much they sell for and they were all for less and just a couple of days back all retailers increase the price by 10% to sell it at an alleged discount now.
    exactly what I have seen ....the big con
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    Check this one out, John Lewis had this earlier as 1149, they bumped up the price to 1299 and now offering 10%.. this is not good !!
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    Anyone successfully used this code yet? I get an error when I try to apply at checkout
    Are you logged in and a my John Lewis member
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    Richer Sounds doing this as well
    Not on the 77 C1
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    Cheaper at costco with their 10% discount. Comes to £1052
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    Do we think these will drop further around the release of this year's versions in March? This is a hot deal either way, but as I'm in a position where I can wait I probably will
    I suspect they will drop more when they finally release the new versions and they have to get rid of old stock...unless they hoard them for the following black Friday

    I've been following closely the last month retailers seem to have hiked up prices slightly and then offer 10% not really that great.
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    They've whacked the prices up by 10% what they were in December, so no actual discount
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    55" LG C2 is showing at £1299, so £1170 after discount. It was £979 on Black Friday so this isn't looking like a great deal tbh.
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    Can't get it to work, logged in and signed up to my John Lewis :/
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    I think this works only on Oled TVs
    Could be, yes. Thanks. I will add that to the title.
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    Code not working for me
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    Ended up buying a refurb c2 65inch for £1269 (1 yeae warranty) -tv arrived and is brand new basically ... couod no longer wait!
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    So much better than the Hisense nonsense that litters these forums!
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    Would anyone be able to advise on John Lewis' 5 year standard guarantee that is included with purchase... Is there much benefit in paying the additional fee for the 5 years Protect Plus they offer? Thanks
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    Code works fine on LG OLED77 G2 but even with my 3.75% cashback from a new John Lewis partnership card I’d still be paying £3465.
    That’s not as cheap as Richer Sounds £3419 (with their 10% discount) or Seven Oaks £3319 using voucher GDSAVE400 that they list on their website.
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    The 10% is an LG offer available via any retailer until 7 Feb. Currys, Richer Sounds and Seven Oaks are all offering it. (edited)
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    Is this a good price on the c1 77" ? Or has there been recent peice rises like the 65" model?
    It was 2 grand at Currys earlier
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    The code worked when I tried, only for OLED. As per the comments above, worth checking Costco out. Some competitive prices.
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    I missed out getting the LG OLED C2 77" between Christmas and NYE. Prices got down to around £2600/2700. Since then all suppliers raised their prices to £3299. Yesterday they dropped prices by 10%.

    Costco are the clear leaders here if you're after the 77" model, at £2950 with an extra 10% automatically discounted at checkout (£2655).

    LG OLED77C26LD 77 Inch OLED 4K Ultra HD Smart TV | Costco UK (edited)
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    Hmm, not a great deal. The smallest one was down to £699 in November. I can image these will go back to that price (or close) when the new versions come out.