10% voucher code for hotel bookings @ Expedia-10%

Get code & visit sitePUK


I'd like to use this today, but I can't find where to enter it. Can anyone help?



EDIT: Found it now, by the nectar points bit. I was trying to apply it to a "residence" rather than a hotel. Works though. Heat added.

Don't forget 7+% Quidco too.

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Help please! I can't find the place to put this discount code. Is it on the opening page by the nectar points bit or do you have to the payment page (I'm too nervous to pay for the hotel without finding where to put the code).



After clicking the Book It link, you'll be presented with an option to enter a voucher code. Do not proceed as far as entering payment details until the above code is confirmed earlier in the process.

I've added a slideshow showing the 3 stages of clicking/applying/confirmation of code.


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Thanks for that. I realise now that the hotel I want is not classed as "Expedia Special Rate" and the voucher code box doesn't appear on screen whereas it does with Ex.Sp. Rate accommodation. I'll re-think my choice of hotel.

Thanks - worked a treat! £21 saved!

is it just me or does every price appear to be an expedia special rate ?
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