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If this works for everyone , I can see this getting RED HOT in here

does not work

can't find where you insert the voucher code.

original code works for me, but I guess thats because the OP didnt use it.

edit: I had the original code added to my basket and it took £10 off, but I haven't checked out yet and its not there anymore so I guess someone else was able to use it.
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SJ1EWZ ... this any good for anyone ?

As soon as I get enough people saying it doesnt work I shall expire , no need for cold voting (although I dont actually care either way,lol )

I'll expire if its not working for anyone else , just spent 10 minutes of my time sharing my find with you guys ........

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No - Original code was SJ1EWZ. (I used this code!)

The SJ1EWX was the one I made up by changing the digit which works for me but i didnt use this one.

SJ1EWW works for me!

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Maybe Geegee didnt try hard enough if you 2 guys also got it working , as I say it does need a bit of playing with to find one that works for you

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Still -2 and yet ppl are getting this to work , lol

It was working, until I got to the final stage of the checkout and the discount disappeared. I went back to view my basket and tried to enter the code again and it now comes up as an invalid code!

not working

it works by changing the last letter, just go thru the alphabet!

am going to try harder lol
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can't find where you insert the voucher code.

The same thing here

None of them work

bored now- given up

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some have reported that it works by changing the last 2 letters - I think when a combination has been used it cannot be used again or maybe each combination is restricted so a certain amount of customers.

Not working for me either. Did try changing last letter several times but no luck. Seems to be 20% off today anyway - perhaps this is affecting voucher codes working?

Does anybody else get annoyed by the cost of postage on some of these websites? Its nowhere near in proportion to the weight of the product ordered. Really puts me off ordering. Thats why HUKD is so fab, if you can find a voucher that at least covers postage, everybodys happy!!

Not working for me. tried all 24 letters and numbers 0-9

Tried a few random last two digits too.
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