[SIZE=2]Thanks for this edi ;-)[/SIZE]


Thanks edi, good time to start thinking about a nice holiday in the sun! :thumbsup:

Good tour operator as well.Went to sri lanka with them in October and would definitely book with them again.If you are going long haul they boast extra legroom,even in economy,this is true.I have flown with the bigger long haul airlines and you definitely do get more legroom:)

i was going to post this, by the looks of it its only if you phone them. You cant enter the code onine!

I'm wondering if this promotion code is kosher as their website says online bookings will get a £100 discount anyway for holidays taken between those dates with a minimum spend of £1000. Like the previous poster says there doesn't appear to be a box to enter a promotion code and I went through the booking process as far as the final payment details page where you enter your credit card details.


I was also going to post but checked a holiday that I priced before the offer and there was no change. The offer leaflet I received said if you book by telephone or instore you also receive free in-flight meals and free seats together worth up to £76 for a family of 4

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Thanks guys for the comments & feedback. Offer can be used in store or over the phone.

OP now updated

has this expired now?
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