1000 extra Clubcard points on £50 spend at Tesco Wines online

Get code & visit site79G


I've just been sent one for 500 extra points on a £50 spend. XX-G73G. I guess it may be useful if anybody needs to but lots of wine and wants to make another order. I havn't tried, but looking at the two codes, I guess there may be some other numbers which may work. Don't have time to try now, but if somebody else does then let us know. Heat and Rep added.

Why do people get sent different value vouchers I wonder, is it because jayhab drinks more wine than me?

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it's actually the opposite, I buy no wine whatsoever hence large points offering!

Ah, I see, so it's me that has the problem! :whistling:

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well, you see when I said that I buy no wine whatsoever.... it's because all of our orders go through on the OH's Tesco account, so are applied to her online account (although clubcards are combined, online they are kept separate!) So I was telling the truth when I said I don't buy any wine, I don't drink it either - but the wine we do buy is on her account, so she gets the vouchers with fewer points on! - I get the big value ones, which is good because we can still use them on her account!!!

everyone's a winner!

I've banked the code on our 3 family accounts - thanks v much. I really must stop ordering wine just to get clubcard points!

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You're very welcome!

It does get addictive - seeing just how many points you can collect in a quarter - last month was our best ever haul - £52 in coupons = £208 in deals!!!!
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