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    Thanks for the code biggja, very useful!! Welcome to the forums as well.

    Just thought I'd mention.

    I like my sirloin steaks.... what the hell does this have to do with tesco I hear you ask...

    Well I ordered a £16 in early jan and got a £4 one, the £16 is a mistake on the site...

    Next small order I ordered 3 to bring the order to past £60 to make a voucher work and did it at 11pm delivery, result: no sirloin delivered, as all sold out at my delivery store that late (I suspect tesco staff get em at discount just b4 middnight) so £13 worth of food delivered for £12 inc. delivery.

    Did it again on 3rd time, 2 sirloins were delivered, I wanted those two though, but again £32 of sirloin added to order but only £9 of sirloin delivered.

    Just done it on 4th order on late delivery, if I get them I'll just freeze em, most likely not due to day and time of this order.

    The point being £16 sirloin steaks arn't in stock late at night and if they are, they're the £4 finest variety adding cost weight to your order allowing vouchers to work at the time... and the voucher gets discounted anyways no matter the end cost of the order.

    Not sure what Tesco's policy is on handing back food you don't want, ie should you get the sirloins but not want them, but is worth it as I haven't had to pay for delivery this month yet ;-)

    Code didn't work for me again

    "Sorry, the code 'XX2PLX' could not be accepted. The code may be invalid, could have been mistyped or might be only for use in another store (e.g. you cannot use grocery eCoupons on books orders). Ref: EC01"

    Damn Tesco's haven't given me a code that works in months now!
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