£10.52 off £29 Spend at www.EmpireStores.co.uk (Another one)

£10.52 off £29 Spend at www.EmpireStores.co.uk (Another one)


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Just to clarify for anyone that is bound to ask, this is different to the one posted by ]edihere:

Yes thanks X10...they're like buses they all come at once...still it's at the right time of year.


Thanks X10, these discount codes are very handy!

ive just tried for a pair of jeans and the value stays as 32.99 all the way through the checkout. does the discount only get applied after the order is placed?


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Hello ]yoshi,
I just tried using the code and it works fine for me.
Where did you enter the code?
I added the items to my basket, then when I clicked checkout I was asked to enter my "Existing Customer Reference Number", "E-Mail Address" & "Order Code"
The "Order Code" is where you need to enter this code.
When you get to the section of the checkout process marked "Confirmation" you should see the price of the item/s and then the discounted price next to it. Also lower down you will see a section called "Customer Details" and you should see the code you entered there.

For some reason these codes are not working on jewellery nor sale items but did work on other items.

i also noted its not working on sale items. some other codes off hot deals did and i did some great christmas shopping, all seperate orders using one code each. that was only last week as well and i now have three free tvs, one steam cleaner and a blue throw.....:-D

ahh it was a sale item i tried it on, that explains why i was not seeing the discount. cheers everyone.

i always play around to check first if it works on sale items, then if it does not check that it is valid by picking anything from the main catalogue. there are other codes that work with sale items as i said. they are on the deals pages. i used them only last week. one was for £15.00 off £30. just look them all up and keep trying them. i did, long winded but worth it in the end.

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Thanks ]crazy3 & ]marshallka for the information, I shall add that to the Original Post.

Can someone help me out?

I want to recommend a friend and I have been told "Your friend will need to quote your reference number and the order code for the gift that you require which are listed next to the order form." The problem is I can't find my empirestores catalogue

Would someone who has a catalogue kindly suppply me with a list of the recommend a friend gift order codes?



Looking at my catalogue, between pages 278 and 279, lingerie section :oops: the code that is there:


They get £15 and you get £25 when they place their 1st order.

Ceramic Straightener - ESA538
Footstool - ESA528
Sandwich Toaster - EAS158
Hinari Iron - ESA668
Radio/Tape Player - ESA548

Between pages 682 and 683



Looking at my catalogue, between pages 278 and 279, lingerie section … Looking at my catalogue, between pages 278 and 279, lingerie section :oops: the code that is there:ESB858They get £15 and you get £25 when they place their 1st order.Ceramic Straightener - ESA538Footstool - ESA528Sandwich Toaster - EAS158Hinari Iron - ESA668Radio/Tape Player - ESA548Between pages 682 and 683HTH

Wow boydent999, just when i was about to give up on people helping me out. Thanks a lot, you are a star.

Just to confirm, this is the autumn winter 2006 catalogue right?

The new customer signup screen has the following codes on it:

Order Code (if applicable)
Order Information (if applicable)
Advert Code (if applicable)
Gift Code (if applicable)

Recommended by a friend ?
Friends Customer No (if applicable)
Friends Gift Code (if applicable)

Got my customer number.
Got the "Friends Gift Code" from your list.

Does it say what type of code ESB858 is? Order code? Advert code or Gift code?

Thanks again


Apologies Pete, I missed your reply :oops:
Yes, tis Autumn Winter '06

I'd hazard a guess that the code is for "gift code".
In the catalogue itself, it's not easy to see, sorry :-(
Looking, it says "note the gift code", maybe this is the answer?
Hope so, and like i say, sorry for lack of reply.
Thanks for rep
Have some back for saying thx
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