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Samsung UE48HU7500 £929 @ 123AV
18° Expired
Posted 2nd Mar 2015Posted 2nd Mar 2015
Samsung UE48HU7500 £929 @ 123AV£929
This tv is 1200 in most shops and online. I've found it for £929 which is a bargain by comparison. Have to pay extra for a decent warranty but if it's low price you're after this i… Read more
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Been doing a lot of reading re 4k. This definitely looks the best of the bunch re 2014 4k's, but the high end 2015 samsung and Panasonic will be the truly future proof TV's - local dimming and HDR compatibility will be important re 4K Bluray. Unfortunately though these TVs look like coming in at £2.5k+ for a 55".


That's depressingly cheap. Heat added.


Also grade A stock


This is a 4k TV with 3d also

Samsung UE55HU7200 55 Inch 4K Ultra HD Curved LED TV £1299.00 @ 123av Pluss £200 Cashback (see notes)
60° Expired
Posted 21st Oct 2014Posted 21st Oct 2014
Samsung UE55HU7200 55 Inch 4K Ultra HD Curved LED TV £1299.00 @ 123av Pluss £200 Cashback (see notes)£1,299
Samsung Deals that are, so can get up to £200 cashback, Free Samsung Multiroom Wireless Speakers and free music and movies see links below. 55" HU7200 Up to £200 + Free UHD Video… Read more

Fantastic TV but not 3d only downfall, but great offer


Grade A ?, ex display ? .................barge pole.


dwayne dibbly, "what the hell has happened to my teeth"


Units in Stock: 1


Do not understand but do want.

Bose QuietComfort 15 Acoustic Noise Cancelling Headphones Reduced to £199.95 at 123.AV.co.uk
74° Expired
Posted 12th Mar 2014Posted 12th Mar 2014
Bose QuietComfort 15 Acoustic Noise Cancelling Headphones Reduced to £199.95 at 123.AV.co.uk£199.95
What Hi-Fi Best Noise Cancelling headphones 2013 (http://www.whathifi.com/Review/Bose-QuietComfort-15/). These are the benchmark for noise cancelling headphones and usually retail … Read more

Good price, excellent bit of kit


Looks like they have sold out page not found


I have a pair (not from this site). Bought from america's apple store for 180. These are absolutely brilliant! The best of the bunch for clarity and noise cancelling. Better than beats. Heat added for this uk price!

Samsung 6 series UE46F6500 smart 3D TV 46" £659.95 @ 123AV
-162° Expired
Posted 4th Jan 2014Posted 4th Jan 2014
Samsung 6 series UE46F6500 smart 3D TV 46" £659.95 @ 123AV£659.95
John lewis price match with 5 year guarantee on this tv. Decent tv for the price. refurbished not new JL wont match - deanos

Has anybody heard of they are apparently going to sell this tv for £569.


its graded stock ie not new


As it's not new (grade a it says) I presume JL won't match that.....


they have a shop JL will match http://www.123av.co.uk/contact-us BUT as the op's tv is a refurb they wont match


Although after what I typed I just checked if John Lewis' stock of this model and its only £40 more. I'd pay that extra for a 5 year warranty from them mos def http://www.johnlewis.com/samsung-ue46f6500-led-hd-1080p-3d-smart-tv-46-with-freeview-freesat-hd-voice-control-and-2x-3d-glasses

LG 47LA620V 47 Full HD Freeview HD Cinema 3D WiFi Smart LED TV [47LA620V]- Grade A - £635 : 123av.co.uk
-85° Expired
Posted 7th Sep 2013Posted 7th Sep 2013
LG 47LA620V 47 Full HD Freeview HD Cinema 3D WiFi Smart LED TV [47LA620V]- Grade A - £635 : 123av.co.uk£635
Product Information: The LG 47LA620V Smart 3D 47" LED TV is the ideal 21st-Century home entertainment centre, gracing your lounge with eye-popping picture quality, spine-tingling s… Read more

apologies just noticed grade a stock


Add delivery to your price then you may be at the deal price


down to £599.95 for me


What does grade a mean? The Grade A items we sell are stock that retailers cannot sell on for whatever reason. This may be because the items are surplus stock, end of line/discontinued models, 28- day customer returns, unwanted gifts, or items with tatty packaging. Items are then checked over by the manufacturer, processed, and offered for sale. Before sale, you can be sure that all items have undergone a comprehensive quality control process. All Grade A items come boxed and packaged complete buy the manufacturer with remote, manuals, and power cable. - See more at: http://www.123av.co.uk/product-condition#sthash.RbcIYiCs.dpuf


Is this not a refurb? It says it is grade A and not new. JL price matched richer sounds on this TV for me so £699.95 with a 5 year guarantee.

LG 55LM640T 55" Full HD Freeview HD Cinema WiFi 3D Smart LED £899.96 @ 123AV
-55° Expired
Posted 21st Jun 2013Posted 21st Jun 2013
LG 55LM640T 55" Full HD Freeview HD Cinema WiFi 3D Smart LED £899.96 @ 123AV£899.95
Product Information: Stunning, slick and sophisticated, join the television revolution with the LG 55LM640T Full HD 55" LED 3D TV. A design that delivers an amazing experience. En… Read more

says "manufacturers Grade A" at the bottom of the description on the website so probably a refurb or customer return

£3,495 Toshiba 55ZL2B 55in Quad HD Ultra HD Glasses-Free 3D Smart LED TV @ 123av
-75° Expired
Posted 29th Apr 2013Posted 29th Apr 2013
£3,495 Toshiba 55ZL2B 55in Quad HD Ultra HD Glasses-Free 3D Smart LED TV @ 123av£3,495
0 inShare Online retailer 123AV is selling the Toshiba 55ZL2B television set for £3,495 excluding delivery. This is the cheapest Quad HD television in the UK and comes with glasse… Read more

Highly impressive specs. It's a shame you'll mostly never get to fully appreciate the picture quality until it's superseded.


I wonder what the dead pixel policy is on these?!


Quad HD content ???


No, your going to need something a lot more expensive then that to make Wayne Rooney look better!


Nearly 4K resolution..........

Toshiba 55ZL2B 55" QUAD HD Ultra HD Glasses-Free 3D Smart LED TV for £3495 @ 123av.co.uk
69° Expired
Posted 18th Apr 2013Posted 18th Apr 2013
Toshiba 55ZL2B 55" QUAD HD Ultra HD Glasses-Free 3D Smart LED TV for £3495 @ 123av.co.uk£3,495
Product Information: The Toshiba 55ZL2B brings you stunning 2D and 3D images beyond 1080p quality in a slim-line package that looks every bit as good as it performs. Through powerf… Read more

Cheap, for the spec!!!


This product will be in stock on Tuesday 30 April 2013


forget the 3D... this upscales Full HD to Quad HD! http://www.whathifi.com/review/toshiba-55zl2 and dvb-sat thrown in too. only 1 available?


Grade A, so customer return or ex-demo?


Why so cheap?

LG - 42LM620T - LED-backlit LCD TV - 3D - Smart TV - 1080p (FullHD) 123av.co.uk £479.95 Collection Only Price
56° Expired
Posted 8th Apr 2013Posted 8th Apr 2013
LG - 42LM620T - LED-backlit LCD TV - 3D - Smart TV - 1080p (FullHD) 123av.co.uk £479.95 Collection Only Price£479.95
Cheapest I have seen this. Collection only at this price. If you want it delivered then the other thread is the cheapest for that. But if you live in the area you save yourself £2… Read more
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RS offering 47 inch of this model for 599


JL have been out of stoc for a while now. Technically, if they do get them back in stock, you should be able to get it price matched to this price, if you live close by the store.


graded grade a stock just go to jl and get a new one with a shiny 5 year guarantee its a great telly though . they will price match rgb direct @£499 as they did for me and i ended up getting it for £436

LG 42LM620T 42" Full HD Freeview HD Cinema 3D Smart LED TV 479.95 plus delivery @ 123av
-56° Expired
Posted 3rd Apr 2013Posted 3rd Apr 2013
LG 42LM620T 42" Full HD Freeview HD Cinema 3D Smart LED TV 479.95 plus delivery @ 123av£509.90
Cheapest I have seen this. and you could always try for the John Lewis price match if they have the TV available. They dont at the moment but you coucld keep your eyes open for add… Read more
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I bought the 760 model from 123av. Their service and delivery time is fantastic, got the tv next day! But unfortunately there was a black mark on the screen so sent it back. Money was back in my PayPal in a day. Put me off buying refurbished tv's tho. Ended up buying this model from electrocentre for £479 brand new. Should arrive today :) it's worth paying a lil extra for brand new I think


Come up for air mate. It's better for everyone.


i got this and tv got them to price match at £499 when it was £579 in john lewis but i paid £549 two weeks later and got reimbursed £79.99 and another £40 because there where no glasses in the box so all in all £430 oh yeah i got 4 pairs of lg glasses on ebay for £6.50 and a free set of john lewis and the five year guarantee what a tv it is for the price i got it and 8 pairs of glasses £436.50 .good tv for the money


It gets a which best buy see below for the review. LG has packed the 42-inch LG 42LM620T LED TV with features, including Freeview HD, 3D viewing and smart TV apps, but can it make the grade on what counts most - sound and picture quality? We've recently retested this TV to reflect important updates, and these new tests reveal all. The LG always delivered good 2D and 3D pictures, but when we originally tested it the sound was unacceptable, to the extent that we made it a Don't Buy. LG did the right thing and fixed the problem, and we can now say that this is a fine TV. What's the picture quality like? HD pictures are crisp with natural colours, just the thing to bring your favourite Blu-ray films to life. Non-HD isn't quite as good, where colours vary and the image can look dull and gloomy, but it's watchable. That's balanced excellent 3D - LG's passive 3D techn creates a great impression of depth, with minimal ghosting around people or objects. The glasses are light and fit well. Add the excellent, wide viewing angles, and this is a great TV for watching movies in any living room. What about the sound? The sound still isn't perfect. Some distortion still creeps in on female speech and some kinds of music, and the treble can sound a bit too bright. Bass doesn't sound as tight as it should. Yet there's good detail and clarity elsewhere, and enough energy to bring blockbusters to life. We've heard better TVs, but it's a damn sight better than it was before LG fixed the problems from our original test. Is there anything I should look out for? LG's Smart TV line-up keeps getting stronger, and with services like BBC iPlayer, YouTube, LoveFilm, Netflix, BlinkBox and Twitter onboard, amongst others, it's not hard to get TV programmes, chatter and movies streaming to your TV. But the basic interface is still cluttered and navigating the web browser with the remote control is painfully slow. LG should really provide a quick-start guide for novice users. Indeed, LG could make things easier in lots of ways. While features like a step-by-step Picture Wizard and a good EPG make it easier to get the best from this TV, there are some problems with the layout of the remote control, and the instructions - both printed and onscreen - miss out on some key details. Some unfamiliar jargon also makes it hard to retune the set if you need to. Is there anything else I should know? The LG has four HDMI inputs and three USB ports, and if you plug an external hard disk into one of the latter, it works as a basic PVR. You can book recordings from the EPG or even pause and rewind live TV, and our only complaint is that finding and playing old recordings is longwinded. For easier web browsing, the LG supports an optional Magic Remote Control, which is a motion-sensitive controller that works a bit like the old Wii remote. It also works with LG's Dual Play glasses, allowing two players to play some console games against each other with two views coming from just one screen. Finally, power consumption is impressively low for a screen this big. It's cheaper than some 32-inch sets to run. Should I buy it? Now that LG has sorted out the sound it's an excellent buy, with good HD pictures, decent 3D and a host of useful features. Pros: Good 2D and HD pictures, bundled glasses, respectable sound, strong Smart TV line-up Cons: TV and Smart 3D features should be easier to use, slow browsing, longwinded PVR controls


Cheaper @ PRCdirect £499.00 delivered