£14 off £70 spend or more each week for the next 4 weeks at Tesco instore

Get code & visit siten/a


Selected people get this. We got it a few months back. Get a set every now and then. Seems random as to when. I dont think everyone will and usually people who dont spend that much being encouraged back to shop at tesco

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I agree Babbler - we have multiple clubcards and these vouchers have been sent to the people who haven't really used their clubcards that much. Certainly a good idea to have more than one at home.

Clearly Tesco trying to encourage people to get some major spend going at xmas time.

have you noticed though in a recent change to terms and conditions Tesco now reserve the right to merge one clubcard account into another , presumably to stamp out the multiple cards at the same address wheeze .

i got £13 off a £90 spend

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just spoke to a friend who lives nearby and they got 600 extra points off a £90 spend (and they have 1 card)

I got several voucher offering me 25 points if I spent a quid on certain types of items. Money off vouchers might have made me spend some money in store.

Had 4 vouchers for £12 off £50 two months back. Had to be used at a specific store. A new asda was just opening up near me and I guess these were sent out to ensure thier customers didn't stray! It worked!

Oh, good good :-) I will wait for these to come through I hope!

I've never had any vouchers sent to me in the post...ever! Only my well-earned clubcard vouchers. I got x4 Sainsburys vouchers at the checkout to use next time...and I did!


Needs to be moved to deals as this is not a voucher


needs to be moved to misc as its customer specific (via the mail)

ihad £6 off £30


I got :-

£14 off £70 x 4 (instore only)

£15 off fuel (no minimum spend)

£7 off £70 x 4

£10 off £70 x 1

it pays to have multiple tesco accounts

All the above were from accounts which I only used once to get £10 off a first shop

Didnt receive any vouchers for the account I mainly use (so much for rewarding loyalty lol)
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