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Cheers will check this out as i only took my 290 a couple of weeks ago after having my exam a college cancelled loads of times since may and was finally informed 3 days before the due date that there wouldn't be an exam and i was left to try and find myself the exam before my hols on Monday and what a game it was no where in the west mids had any slots i did manage to get a cancellation for the exact date that my exam was meant to be and it cost me £88 so this will be great my passing score before I'm asked was 985 out of the 1000.


link was incorrect here's the right one and its on the prometric site and you have left your name in the email addy box and have some rep for that as it will save me and 20 mates a lot of money.

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Thanks - that's weird, have just double checked and posted the correct link but it seems to refer to that wrong site? Have just added the correct link to the post itself.

hey guys , just passed final exam of mcse 2003 and Iam now MCSE 2003 Certified . went through months of studies , used certarea.com exams , MOC books . certarea.com questions were right on money . Even though they do not provide real exam questions , their questions are harder then real exams , so it makes it easy to understand concepts . now am looking forward to moving to cisco track
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