15% Discount Back Again at HMV.Co.UK-15%

Get code & visit site495


Hot this so it hits the front page to remind people its back!

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Probably ends tonight and is for one use per customer so it appears ;-)

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Thanks for the original post intenso100 and gary_rip for letting everyone know it's back

This is reposted for new alerts...

Hotted it up!!

Dont forget the 11% quid co as well!

HMV are still getting a lot of my dosh!

Thats a fantastic discount!!!

Fanned the flame to make it hotter.:thumbsup:

Obviously word is spreading, as the HMV site is going slower than Saddam towards the gallows.

Not gonner let this one slip again. Should make a good saving or 2.

But the website is going mega slow.

Great that this one is back.

Just great, i cant even get on to the HMV page through quidco.

Edit, just worked after about 10 from both IE and Firdox.

Dont you love the fact that HUKD has the power to overload a website as big as HMV!

LOL, ^^^.

Ahh, lost it again.

I'm waiting and waiting.... its going really slow!

is it me or has it completely ground to a halt? i can't get it to go anywhere at the moment...

Thanks, ordered the Sims 2 pets expansion for about £11 with 15% + 11% quidco

its not working, im trying to order mario kart ds, no effect?

Its not just you, i'm still waiting to get thru!!

Well i managed to get my order in about 15mins ago, hope quidco tracked.

i just got my 360 order through! hopefully it will work out!

Site seems to be working pretty well for me.

just got back into my order. has gone through but looks like they are out of stock. might have to wait a few days for it

Just managed to order 360 with pgr/TT and wireless controller, slow going but got there in the end. After being disappointed on saturday.
Thanks to all, gary rip ,rayman

is it just me or is the site totally down ?

Im getting page cannot be displayed errors after it trying for an age

Keep trying its slow and "VERY BUSY" 4 hours left for 15% off !

wii + zelda for £181!!!

anyone know when I will get the console?

you wont

they wont honour it on consoles :-(

Bacon seemed to be successful

can you use this to purchase games consoles, or will they cancel the order??

they let me order the wii with 10% nus then emailed me saying they wouldnt honour it, cant imagine it being any different with this

Anyone know whether quidco tracks ok if you have to refresh the HMV website if it times out between pages or do you need to start again clicking through quidco??

Just got my order through....very slow though !


Just got my order through....very slow though !

Yeah, they must be SOOOOOOOO busy!!

Welcome to the forums holtk :-D :lol:


Anyone know whether quidco tracks ok if you have to refresh the HMV … Anyone know whether quidco tracks ok if you have to refresh the HMV website if it times out between pages or do you need to start again clicking through quidco??

I had the same problem having to refresh the HMV site when they did the 20% off weekend, but when I did finally manage to complete the sale it was tracked by Quidco.

Thanks for the welcome.

How long before you can tell if Quidco has tracked an order ? Is there a magic number ?

Anyone found any good deals?
They bumped up the price of Bloc Party since the code came back :-(

Wicked deal ...
Just took me 40 mins to order Xbox 360 with two games for £254:thumbsup:

the 3 cd version of George Michael's new album is cheaper than the 2cd version , £11.99 v £12.99 think most sites apart from bang cd want more than £11.99 for the triple cd version

Quidco down now too here

It's been a 'mare tonight. Quidco, hmv, boots..all unusable. Very frustrating when I wanna treat myself to an xbox for xmas


[SIZE=2]When I used the 20% to get Godfather 5 disc Trilogy for around £14 it didnt even confirm my order on the website or email then I got email around 3 days later and didnt track via quidco. Crazy![/SIZE]
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