15% Discount on everything from HP online-15%

Get code & visit siteSPC
15% discount on everything you purchase from the HP Online Store From the 1st of august to the 15th of September!

With free delivery on every item as well!

use the following e-voucher code: HPBTSPC


shouldnt this be in vouchers ... ??


Thnaks top gear:) I've changed this to a 'voucher post' now.

Came in handy (as I deleted my e-mail) plus also free delivery :thumbsup:

******, I bought a spare toner with the last hot HP deal only a fortnight ago, just 10% off.

Don't forget Quidco. :thumbsup:

If used with Quidco, this makes £110 off a £500 laptop!

gah, note you can only use one voucher code at a time on the HP store, unless someone knows otherwise?

Small business link seems a little higher for my inks?
Set of 4 inks £56.00 for my 7680 with voucher applied.

But from here:

£43.80 with free shipping! (cant use the voucher though)

thanks just saved £104 on a laptop and £47 on quidco

Can anyone confirm this actually works with quidco or rpoints?

I tried it with quidco, and got an email later saying the order was unsuccessfull. has anyone else had this problem?

I rang hp and they said they couldnt verify me, maybe i should use a copany emaila ddress or on my fathers name as he is the owner of the house it is being deliverd to:S


thanks just saved £104 on a laptop and £47 on quidco

did your order go through mate? or did you get an email later saying they couldnt verify your details? cheers

Heads up, this hasn't expired
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