15% of your next order from eBay valid until 4th Dec

15% of your next order from eBay valid until 4th Dec


great find

link?? if this was an email for your account the chances are no-one else can use it as they are not transferable

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Ive shared these kind of voucher codes with family and friends and they have worked. Its worth a try.
I just made a purchase through the nectar store and they are giving double points until 4/12/08 thats 4 points for every pound spent.
Every little helps.(:

I had same email with same code which I have used

great find thanks

Didn't work for me

Sorry, that voucher code isn’t valid.

not valid unless you had the email, it took it until i put my paypal in

As far as i'm aware people receive the same code for various offers BUT you have to have been sent it in the first place via email to use it,its linked to whatever account it was sent to.

Last night when I was surfing ebay I noticed that there was an advert flashing at me offering 10% off. I was in the games and consoles section so whether it was just off those I don't know. I haven't received an email and forgot to write the code down as I thought I would be able to find it if I needed it but now I can't.
Are ebay offering these codes on the site for a limited period do you think?

heheh i finally got one sent from ebay! so i should be able to use it!

I got this code CUKGV3 same terms and expires the same time

Why has this expired? Its just this minute worked for me and i didnt get the email or letter. wooping £30 off i got!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I only got the 5% off voucher, I did get a 15% off voucher in the summer, when I was very active on buying stuff on eBay, it seems different memebers get different vouchers, when you're active & buying lots of stuff, they send you a 15% off voucher, I've been quiet for the past 2 months or so, & only got 5% off, way to entice me to get back & be active on eBay again, booo :x
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