15% off £10 plus a further £10 @ Kitbag

15% off £10 plus a further £10 @ Kitbag


I can't get it to work...

...neither can i.

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Well i have just tried again and work fine, the first item already has the 15% Lloyds discount added then wen u use second window adds a further £10 !!!

Yes it works, thanks. Remove the spaces after the = sign.

i cant get neither discount to appear on the order summary.

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Cheers DJ Dunk i knew it worked sumhow al edit the post now !!

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Wont let me edit it ??

me neither!

works fine for me!

Still cant get the £10 off. Although the lloydes 15% works.

This is how I did it . . .

1) Click here: kitbag.com/sto…OJN

2) Add your item, to the basket (includes 15% discount)

3) Click here (or copy and paste over previous address): kitbag.com/sto…I92

4) Check your basket and it should also have another £10 off.

Just tried again and it works

minimum spend of £30 for the £10 discount. :thumbsup:

I think the £10 is on a minimum spend. It works for me on orders over £30. But not £20. It may work on orders over £25 though because I didn't try that.

Brilliant Find.

Let's hope Kitbag don't mess me around like they have done on my past 3 orders with them which they cancelled without notifying me at all. Not to mention money off coupon codes they sent me via email I used and couldnt use them again after they cancelled my orders. If they mess me around again they can forget my business in the future. They are very expensive in comparison to other e-retailers anyway.

Great find though Sc0ward and if my order goes through then 2 Puma icons t-shirts for £24 seems reasonable. Cheers!

Excellent find just ordered 2 away tops! Thanks for the post, wonder if we'll still get quidco on it too?


minimum spend of £30 for the £10 discount. :thumbsup:

Voted cold then why can't they stick the google checkout instead of this be a lot easier or are they testing this offer ready for the google checkout hummmmm. ;-)

Much respect to the OP for this - voted hot!

I've just bought two pairs of Puma future cats (one for me, one for the girlfriend - don't worry they don't match!).

They worked out at £28 and £24 - would happily have paid £45.

Thanks so much!

Got my orders cancelled yet again I give up with them.

Thanks - used this for a top and a pair of shorts last night and it's shipped already

lurcheress I sympathise as I had past 2 purchases cancelled by them afer using coupon codes I rightful had received.

I'm ready to give up totally with Kitbag.

But 3rd time lucky and my order, through this deal, has been confirmed as shipped.

But I'll still be reluctant to use Kitbag in the future never the less if still stories of them cancelling orders going around.

Anyone else have problems paying with a Maestro card on that site?


Just pre-ordered the new Celtic home top which is released next Friday.

RRP £39.99 and got it for £27.94 !!!

Excellent find - voted hot :thumbsup:

yup, works a treat - £26.94 delivered for the 1986 retro scotland top and a champions league football for £7.50 to take me above the £30 spend for the £10 discount.

If this discount doesn't work you probably have an existing cookie from the site, so either:

1) Switch to a different browser
2) Delete any cookies for "kitbag" and start again

yeah just ordered new cletic top as well quality, cheers for link

still up and running - i went back for some more strips tonight

Can't get the order to process once i put my card in, it just keeps coming up with an error message, has anyone else had this problem, maybe i'm too late (again)!!


Can't get the order to process once i put my card in, it just keeps … Can't get the order to process once i put my card in, it just keeps coming up with an error message, has anyone else had this problem, maybe i'm too late (again)!!

I am getting the same message, hope it's just site techo and will be fixed soon.

ive got through fine thanks alot ordered some new boots.

[SIZE=2]Still not working for me, did you use both discount codes??[/SIZE]

Anyone manage to do this today. I'm getting the error message

Just to let you all know, the website seems to be working OK and my order has gone through now with no problems! :thumbsup:

Cheers Steve, although i'm more of a fan of your help with Kitbag than your FA Cup final referring (sorry if you don't get the joke)!

Seriously, cheers hope the order dosn't get cancelled as puma trainers for £23 is a serious bargin!
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