£15 off £20 @ La Redoute + Free Trench Coat

Get code & visit site043


what does the trench coat look like? thanks

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Well it's not the biggest ever pic but it's black and seems ok to me. I'm sure it's not top quality but would be a good standby. it is described as having "many distinctive details like overstiches, big chunky buttons and a funky patterned lining" but you can't see all this in the tiny pic!

ok thanks anyways

just tried this but it didnt work for me, no discount or free gift


just tried this but it didnt work for me, no discount or free gift

It only worked on full price items for me.

I've just bought some bedding!! A bit of a bargain for a duvet cover, fitted sheet and 2 pillow cases as well as the free trench coat £9.99


Avoid this company. you'll get junk mail every day! I had to mail them a brick via their freepost after years of trying to get them to desist.

the brick worked

Always had good experience with La Redoute & usually manage to get 50% off with codes - just shame they aren't on Quidco too anymore! Used this code successfully & did 2 further orders just over £20 using code 5218 which worked both times. It works on Mini Price items & others which aren't in Best Sellers.This is over 50% off plus free coats - can't be bad.

i had this in the post yesterday but until i saw this posting I was not gonna bother with it... but now i will


After actually finding stuff in stock, i have gone through to checkout but its not giving me the discount only the free coat.


Just paid £17 for £28 of stuff and a free coat - Thanks for the tip!

And to one of the previous posters - I always think that Junk Mail is keeping my friend's mum in work who sorts the junk to send - it takes me no effort to pop it in my recycling box which I keep right next to the front door for such items if they don't interest me!

I suppose I'm a glass half full kind of girl - don't stress over junk :roll:


The code in the Best Sellers magazine did not work, thats for the new code worked a dream ordered some kids clothes and got the wife a new trench coat

And she says I never 'buy' her anything!!!

Anything with "Mini" in the headline description or with further money off wont work, only the full price stuff, a little tricky finding just the full price stuff but a bargain when you do

It worked on Mini items for me (as there are Mini items in Best Sellers leaflet) as well as on ones saying not eligible for discount. Worth adding to basket & going to checkout to see if it works for you - if paying by credit card they can only charge the total at checkout & not charge minus the discount as may be possible on account. It sounds complicated but not really & certainly worth a few minutes to get £60 worth of already good value everyday clothes for £30!

Whoops forgot - also 2 coats & a kids cd player as well as over 50% off!


Ignore that, all the items I ordered showed this but discount went throuhg fine

me too

Ive tried loads of items both reduced and mini price and even some of the "essentials" range and I cant get a discount on them, all in the mens section, just getting it on full price items. It does offer the free trenchcoat but wont show a discount on the cheaper items ive tried
Pity theres no list of the discounted items that are included, spent an hour trying different stuff

WOW! Just tried again and things that didnt work first time are now working!

tried this last night worked thank you

Got this code through and wasn't gonna bother but just done 2 seprate orders!

Wont work for me either

I used this code last week, my order has arrived but the trench coat was out of stock in my size so they sent a free cardigan two piece set instead.

i just opened another account with them to use the code. will they suss me out? =s

it says it has applied it but when i go to pay it still says the full price?? Its not actually showing the discount anyway just telling me that the code has been applied but dont want to go through checkout nand end up paying full price, anyone else have this problem?? :thinking:
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