£15 Off £25 at  littlewoods-online.com

£15 Off £25 at littlewoods-online.com

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i just tried code on my littlewoods account and it wont accept it, maybe its for new accounts only??
anyone else avin probs with it or does it just hate me!!! . .

worked fine for me, a new account though.

I think it works if you pay by card, as it shows as a discount of £15 on the checkout page, although the full cost stays the same.

It's probably one of the discounts that are taken off when the item is paid for, or shows on an account statement later.

it works on accounts and card payment,worked fine for me a pair of levis 501 15.00 thank you

Also worked ok for me using my account

Hi all, 1st post, great great site
Created new account, and have tried this but cannot use it with a 1st order easily.
There is a "First order discount" in my basket, but even when at the confirm order stage, it is not clear what this discount is, so, removed it, added the £15 one AND the 20% off one and got a bargain pair of Nike Air max....
I suspect the 1st order discount is related to hotukdeals.com/mod…ic= but not sure what the minimum order is, have tried an order of £800+ and still not valid

Oh well, thx again

Tried to register...new account...won't accept the password created though I've inputed valid characters.

i tried it again today and it worked fine & dandy
thanks for that folks

Hi, first time on this site,I used the voucher code on an order of £30, found it on the littlewoods site, but then returned jeans leaving shoes at £19, so then got those for £4!!Bargain!

I've been rumaging around in the voucher section, as I want to get more than £10 off an order using an exisiting account.
It's accepting this code online, even though it was posted in April. :giggle:

When I go through to checkout, this appears:


Anyone know what this means and should I risk using this code?

I used it last month without problems.

now coming up with voucher used the max number of times


I used it last month without problems.

Just used it as well. Went through no problems. :thumbsup:

Arrgghh. I've accidently opened up an account with these guys whilst trying to buy a shirt using the voucher.

They have informed me I have a £1,000 limit but for some strange reason I cannot log into my account.

I bought the shirt but what exactly have I opened with them and how do I go about closing the account. I have emailed them but no reply yet.

Thanks for the tip! Shoes worth £49 delivered for £34!
I thought they only give free postage for items over £50?

Never ordered via littlewoods before, is it normal that they should email me to award me with £750 credit? I didn't apply for credit nor do I want it at their rates!

Sounds like you've both opened accounts, instead of clicking the "pay by credit/debit card" button.... don't know what to do about that.

code worked fine for me on my account,,,,thankyou
voted hot and added to rep:thumbsup: :-D

You have a 30 day cooling off period to cancel any opened accounts! Though that does mean they have run a credict check etc

I am halfway through an order on this offer - code was accepted with no problems, and I have requested that each item ordered be paid by credit card.

But, when I go to checkout - it is asking me to register (ie to set up an account) I am clicking 'continue' ... and not 'register'!

Can you get around this without setting up an account?

Sorry if I am being daft ... I don't think I am ;-)

It just worked for me !!!! you still have to set up an account, l cant see how you can get passed it.
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