£15 off a £20 spend + free tent @ Vertbaudet-£15

Get code & visit site798


Welcome to HUKD pootleflump! Thanks for the post! I've added the retailer name to the thread title.

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Oops, thanks!

When I try to log into my account I get:

Service temporarily unavailable, please try later.

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I've just logged in OK, are you sure you've got your details correct? I seem to remember this happening when I put a dash somewhere in my account no.

Got my statement in front of me and still not working....

[FONT=System]Not sure why people are voting this cold...worked for me.... Thanks OP[/FONT]

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I don't know either crazy, it does work as I've used it and at least 10 of my friends have since.


I don't know either crazy, it does work as I've used it and at least 10 … I don't know either crazy, it does work as I've used it and at least 10 of my friends have since.

I finally managed to log in, but only wanted to spend £20 or it wouldn't be worth it and couldn't find anything I liked....Good find though....

Hi is it not for sale items ? as i getting my son some pj's reduced and it aint taking the £15 off just adding the free tent??

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I'm pretty sure it doesn't apply to sale items I'm afraid.

just used this code fine, thanks.

that was a cracking voucher, have had eye on a £31 bedside table for a while getting £15 quid off has made my day. Can't wait to see what the tent is like! Thanks Pootleflump!:thumbsup:

Only valid on Autumn/winter items

worked for me, should get it delivered this week
got 2 packs of 2 sheets for my sons junior bed, 1 pack and free tent have been dispatched, only wanted 1 pack of sheets but by putting in a extra pack i got the £15 off, so only paid £8.50 inc deliver, bargin everywhere else i found them for £15 for 2 sheets ! , i got 4 for £8 with delivery, i love vertbaudet.

Could anyone tell me where I'm going wrong. I have tried all sorts of items in the basket, but can't manage to get the £15 off!! Free red tent goes on OK but am not bothered about the tent, I would like the £15 off! My order total was over £70 and included baby and teen clothing, none from the sale section. Cheers

have u after getting the tent on , clicked add gift to order, which adds the £15 off
but according to the post its expired.
word of warning my tent turned out to be a sewing box, my nans style !

[QUOTE=jennyshaw21;1505770]...but according to the post its expired.

Thanks, didn't realise it had expired - have marked it as such. Thanks.
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