£15 Off at Lxdirect.com

£15 Off at Lxdirect.com



Does not work for me
There will be a minimum order value
Just worked for me on a £29.99 order, thanks
I think the MOV is £25 then
I ordered a top for £20 plus then u have £3.50 p+p and it came to £8.50.

Cheers bud
Just retried and it does not work on a £32 order.
This code is for existing customer. If you are, the simple conclusion then is that you are not eligible. Sorry
Doesnt work for me either i thought it is £15 off your next order meaning you have to place an order to be eligable, but if it works for others then apparently not.
Sorry, any codes starting with ZQ are for existing customers. First Order and Next Order are commonly used terms relating to New and Existing customers. I hope this clarifies.

If you are new customer, use ZG5622 code to get £15 off.
I have bin a customer for 5 years & just brought £125 of xbox360 stuff & it wont work for me atall.:confused:
Is it not showing in the confirmation page nick ?

Just for you info I recently placed an order cost 40 pounds and I was a new customer and applied the ZG5622 code for 15 discount.

All was well online and showed the discount. Item arrived was charged the full amount. I know some have said they are then credited the 15.
I called lxdirect to enquire about the discount.
They just said that I was not entitled to it and you should not use codes if they have not been personally issued. I then told them the website should not accept it and show discount and I will be returning the item. They then said well on this occasion they will make an exception and give me the dicount. lol
Thanks Cat!!! Got a lovely new nike top for training
I used the code claiming i was a NEW customer and it worked fine for me.
Excellent. Reputation to you! I used it on a £20.50 order and it came up at £5.50. I also saved the confirmation page as proof!
No it anit Edi.

It accepted it in the vocher box.But on the confirmation page it came up as -£0.00.I trted it a few times but to no avail cheers.
It worked for me eventually and i got a lovely new adidas black jacket for £11.90 Excellent stuff thanks :-D
Very strange:
First I made a successful order from my mother's account for predator stars top WD6079 using code ZQ6022. Received confirmation mail where is written: Order Discount ZQ602??? The total price incl. delivery in the confirmation mail was OK.

Then I wanted to buy some trainers for my father and from his account the code was not accepted (doesn't show any discount on the next to the last page) I tried to see if I will be able to use it with the same item from the first order - no way.

Both accounts have one previous order.
Very strange???

ZG9833 works (£10 off + Free Postage and packing worth £3.50)
Yes ZG9833 does work thanks CYPER
Problems here for me too.

It applies the discount on the delivery page but on the payment page it jumps back up to the undiscounted price.
I've just had an account statemtn without the discount.. I'll be calling them... Cheers..
[SIZE=2]Full amount taken from account but a credit of £15 added at same time using code ZQ6022 for existing customer. If anyone interested amongst other things I bought the clone lace up moccasins shoes, code CC3516 in caramel for £9.49. Thought the colour might have been a bit dodgy but they are a nice shade of light brown and excellent[/SIZE]

[SIZE=2]Thanks cat :wink:[/SIZE]
Welcome to Hukd's manorwalks :-D Glad the code worked for you!


[SIZE=1]Full amount taken from account but a credit of £15 added at same … [SIZE=1]Full amount taken from account but a credit of £15 added at same time using code ZQ6022 for existing customer[/SIZE]


Lx direct and littlewoods have a very strange way of working things, check that this isnt what has happened to you Kallisti (hope you get your discount).

Thanks for the reputation stanglish, glad the code worked for you too! (sorry it took me soo long to reply i've been away ... )
Very strange. I tried using it through my old account for an item of £24.99 and it wouldn't show it at checkout. Created a new account and used it and it worked fine :confused:

Anyway, great find. Thanks :thumbsup:

Everything seems OK I received my item today
Excelllent, thanks for all the updates guys/gals, glad you got your discount Cyper :thumbsup:
Thanks a lot for this; I used the code (plus quidco) to get £15 off these:


Ordered midnight on Saturday, received today (Monday - a day earlier than they said they'd deliver!)

And very comfortable they are too!
Well firstly hello all,

and secondly what a complete waste of time these voucher codes in general are.

As a previous customer i tried placing an order, totalling over £30.00, using code ZG9833 (13.50 off) online, accepted the code then clicked the next screen for payment, and it tried to charge me the full non-discounted price. The same went for ZQ60022 (£15 off next order).

So rang them up, quoted the codes, was told both of them invalid!!

What's even more amazing they actually charge you more for ringing up and placing an order!! I tried to order a pair of trousers which were in the sale for £4.99, phoned up and they tried to charge me £11.99 !!

They even sent me a book of free delivery vouchers one time, and even then the internet would'nt take them.!!

LX Direct really know how to get on customers thruppeny bits!
Has anyone used quidco with Lxdirect to get 4.5% off?
Did it work?
i bought some jeans (deal posted the other day) through quidco... final cost after voucher was £12.50, or £9.50 excluding p&p.

The transaction didn't track, so I logged a case on quidco the other day. They said that they rarely get anything back on disputes where the amount is less than £1 (4.5% of £12.50 or £9.50 is less than £1), so I guess I just won't get any cashback..

They did encourage me to report this sort of thing, to see if there's any sort of trend with the merchant not paying up. Here's hoping..
this voucher appeared to work for me at the checkout but then I was charged the full amount, and unlike other orders I have made using a voucher, the discount did not appear in my email confirmation.

I've just rang them about it and gave them the voucher code over the phone and they are refunding me on my next statement

LX Direct always have good vouchers :thumbsup:
Sorry to hear the voucher didn't work automatically, but good to hear that they are refunding the difference!!! Welcome to hotukdeals squirrelbean and thanks for your first post!
Do you get £15 off the first order or not ? Is there a minimum spend or not?
£15 off £25 is pretty standard for New customers / First order.

This voucher is for existing customers.
[FONT=Arial]Save £5 when you spend £25 on real deals. Please enter ZQ1122 in the basket. Existing customers only[/FONT]
I just almost tried all the codes, no one works. It's really strange. Does anyone get the same situation?
I have now received a letter from LX Direct this morning to say the code ZQ6022 is incorrect and cannot be applied!!

I have tried the code again on their site and it now doesn't work :x

Looks like I won't be getting my discount after all!
i used the code today no probs. set up a new account in my wifes name and used on her account too. i am aware that sometimes you have to ring lxdirect up to nudge em into refunding the discount, but they are friendly and helpful when you ring up.
Sorry you didnt have any luck squirrelbeann

Thanks for your feedback staffiebull, glad you managed to use the code
Just a small question to the learned forum members.

I tried using the £15.00 off code as an existing LXDirect Customer. It accepted this and showed clearly on the confirmation page as well [deducting £15.00 off from the item that I ordered]. But when I came to the page in which you have to enter the payment [CC or DC] details, I was surprised to see that they were going to deduct the whole amount. I did not proceed any further.

My question is whether this is normal & if I proceed with the transaction, will I be given the £15.00 off?

Thanks in anticipation of your replies.


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