£15 Off at Lxdirect.co.uk

£15 Off at Lxdirect.co.uk



For some reason, on my order, they took the full amount and say they will at some stage credit me with the £15 Considering they don't expect the item to ship for a month, this seems a tad unfair!
I just went through an LX order, the £15 was showing at the start (a different one, this one appears to have been removed? says to call customer services).. However, at the final order confirmation (after I'd clicked OK), the discount was shown as £0.00. Is this normal? Should I contact them?
[SIZE=2]I dont trust lxdirect , i used a code what was given on here and a month later i got a letter saying the code was not issued to me and a charge was made on my card for the discounted amount !!! :mad: [/SIZE]
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