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ahhhh i just ordered with the 10% voucher! couldn't u work a little faster? :P rep and heat!

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Yeah sorry

I only started looking for a new one when it was clear the 20% off one didn't work anymore. It's just a case of guessing what comes after the backslash [url]kitbag.com/?[/url] This one happens to be HSBC but you can try any large well known brand that might like a tie-up with kitbag - banks are a good bet.

Just worked beautifully.

Not only does this get you a discount, if you spend over £40 at the moment, Kitbag will give you a 20% discount, which combines with the HSBC one.

Add to that some Quidco £'s and you're golden.

id be careful, got the discount with hsbc and the normal 20% but when went to the verified by visa page it tried to charge me another 12 quid :x
tried with both through quidco and not through it and still had the higher price either way

I had the same problem bearman3784. Did you find a way around it?

Ignore what it says in the 3D verification.

I've used Kitbag lots of times with discounts, and it says the full price there for some reason, but they actually charge you the discounted rate. Nothing to worry about.

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Rusty is right - confirmation email and what they actually bill you is the discounted price rather than what is says in the additional security section

Just used this, Thanks

do you have to have a HSBC card to get the discount?


Works great - thanks for the tip....

By the way, I have checked my bank statement, and the amount paid by me for my order was £36.87....so the 20% discount on top of the 15% discount definitely worked.

Voted HOT!

Recieved my shirt today

just used this with the offer on at the minute for cheap england footy shirts cheers x

Great..Just ordered via 15% and quidco...
Obviously the price reflects how good England are at the moment...

Just used this offer- worked perfectly thankyou!

just used this, worked a treat! thanx op, heat and repped too!

Can;t get this to work myself. Any advice?

EDIT: not working through firefox but working great through Safari :-)

Didnt work for me

Yep, still working...shows the "HSBC discount" price!

expired now! doesn't show the 'HSBC discount' price anymore!

Worked fine for me. Thanks!

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Just in case hsbc doesn't work [url]www.kitbag.com/natwest[/url] is giving 15% discount

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Quidco at Kitbag is now 12% (before VAT) and as always at this time of year there are some end of season bargains on boots and kit.

[url]www.kitbag.com/hsbc[/url] doesn't work anymore but [url]www.kitbag.com/natwest[/url] gives 15%, [url]www.kitbag.com/mastercard[/url] gives 15% and [url]www.kitbag.com/amex[/url] gives 10%

For example there is a bit of a niche bargain if you run a kids football team - Kids Umbro England away shorts (navy) in sizes small through to large for 50p a pair, discounted to 43p a pair using the link - delivery is £3.95 but if you ordered enough for a team (say 14 pairs) then taking quidco into account you'd pay just under £9 for 14 delivered.

Also couple of decent Nike boot bargains - Super Ligera and Ronaldinho Dois at £33.99 plus post minus quidco - both good quality leather boots.

Can someone confirm tis definitely works?
I'm after a cricket bat that's £75 - I've seen it elsewhere for £68 but with the 15% off and 12% Quidco then Kitbag works out the cheapest.
When I add it to the basket it still says £75 - do I ignore this and then assume I'll get the 15% off rate? Any help appreciated.

This definitely works, I used in 10 mins ago...it should indicate the discount at checkout. I didn't use Quidco though, so wonder if that affects it?

Cool deal, thanks for heads up. Found a great sale for tennis fans too. I posted here if interested.

Seems to be giving 10% discount now, rather than 15.

yea still works only 10%

Has this link/discount now expired?
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