15% off ferry tickets using discount code @ Wightlink

15% off ferry tickets using discount code @ Wightlink



thank you.
Codes doesn't seem to work for me, any tips please?
thanku x
I can't make this code work. Any ideas?
Hey I can't get this to work anyone know y?
Working fine, 15% off. Used at 19.02 19th Feb 2014

Nice find.
Code wont work on short stay trips, just tried using it and couldnt get any journeys to show. Tried applying the code on the confirmation page as well, but still wouldnt work.
I called Wightlink as code wouldn't work. Was told not enter code on page 1 of online booking, but to only add it on page 3. It is case sensitive. Also you have to get a printed ticket at ticket office. Email tickets wouldn't scan and came up invalid. I missed a ferry as a result.
Just booked 07MAR - 1NT stay only - 2AD in 1CAR

Discount worked perfectly - thanks for sharing

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You need to put the discount code on the page with your details rather than on the page at the front on Promotional code....
It worked for me..!

worked fine thankss
Code appears to be for first time users. I had to register a new email address to get it to work. worked on 27/2/14 :-)
According to isleofwightguru.co.uk/dis…tml - you may be asked to show the voucher from which this code was quoted from? I was going to use it but not sure now? Has anyone used it yet - actually travelled?
code should be in CAPITAL and on page 3...jussst did it...:0)
SCAM...Doesn't say any where that you have to travel in March!!!!!!
Nope I can't get it to work either
On 5 day break added on page 3 but discount didnt come off

But used my blue badge to get discount £11 off
Edited by: "lynn44" 25th Mar 2014
Worked a treat 25th march 2014!!!
Don't enter code on first page only use when confirming address!
Worked for me :-). Added code on page 3, I am not a first time user. Give it a go x
Paste the code at the payment page, not the first page. Still working for travel on 29th March
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