£15 off  @ Littlewoods Direct

£15 off @ Littlewoods Direct

WEALTH WARNING:- Use this code at your own risk
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Now I don't work for littlewoods direct but this code was sent to me by ipoints.co.uk in one of their weekly emails with offers, and so I don't think there will be any problem especially as its only for FIRST ORDERS.
Just ordered some Levis 504 reduced - half price less the discount plus delivery = £21.

Great deal

Just tried to use this - I've never used littlewoods direst before - it wouldn't let me. Comes up with a message saying invalid, please phone customer services.
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I've just put the code in again and it says £15 off first order, so maybe you put the code in wrong topshopper. Try again but this time maybe copy and paste the code to prevent another mistake. Good luck.
have just used this code for a dress and it worked no problem, great, thanks!
Code no longer works...This is a dead code...It no longer exists...xx464 works (20% off order)
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