£15 off tech using voucher code @ Expansys

£15 off tech using voucher code @ Expansys



Voucher can only be applied to orders with a minimum value of £20.00

even if the order is above 20, it says invalid voucher code ???
Expired.Not working sadly.
Except I've read elsewhere that if you pay by PayPal, you don't get the consumer rights as you would if you paid £100+ on credit card. In buying from Expansys, that may well be a false economy.

Edit: I called my credit card company and they told me that as long as you pay with their registered card through PayPal, the rights still apply.
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You have to add your item to the basket, rather than just clicking on the Paypal link on the product page and then enter the code from there.
Still doesn't work for me. Over £20 before postage & VAT, 2 items in basket, code entered on Expansys basket page & it still says invalid.
Invalid voucher code
Thank you! This code does work, just picked up an Acer Liquid Metal Smartphone for £115!!!
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