15% off Travelodge via Voucher Codes

15% off Travelodge via Voucher Codes

Found 26th Oct 2017
15% off Travelodge Voucher Codes

Includes Cities such as London and Oxford

Expires 29th October
Community Updates
Won't work if your basket contains any stays which begin before 2017-11-09. I have two stays in my basket; one begins today, one on 2017-11-28. After splitting them out the code was accepted... but this is the message if you don't;

The discount code entered can’t be used for this booking because:
  • This code is not valid for stays starting before 9th November 2017

Same thing happens with a stay from 2018-03-09 in the basket.


doesn't work
I would pay £10-15 extra and stay at premier inn. Travelodge is quite bad. Poor customer service and more like a hostel.
It does work - and the discount applies to multiple bookings in one purchase -
Ideal way to book the odd day closer to the office over the winter, saves me commuting 50+ miles in the cold/ice/snow
You need to put in the OP that it doesn't work on stays before the 9th November. :-)
Worked for me saved £36 thank you for posting.
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