15% off (up to £15) using gift code @ GAME on orders of £50+

15% off (up to £15) using gift code @ GAME on orders of £50+



does not work.

does not work.

it does work you need to be logged in for it to take effect
No you dont , it works, but ot looks like you have to spend £50

I placed 2 copys kf gta in my basked and i could get them both for £69.98 with the code

sorry, added the £50 req to title, thanks fawcett. I'm always forgetting something ^-^;;
anyone know the expiry date?
actually found it:

Voucher Code Terms and Conditions: This voucher entitles the recipient to 15% off an order on GAME.co.uk. A minimum spend of £50 applies. A maximum discount of £15 applies. Voucher can only be redeemed once. Voucher is valid from 09/09/2013. Offer expires 23:59 15/09/13. Voucher cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer or on any console or console bundles. Voucher cannot be redeemed on giftcards. Voucher is redeemable online at GAME.co.uk only and cannot be used in any GAME stores. GAME reserves the right to cancel this voucher at any time. Voucher has no cash value and cannot be exchanged for cash. Voucher is not valid if you are purchasing through PayPal. This does not affect your statutory rights.
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when does expire?
not true paypal? why?
Dont work on the ps4 pre oder which is a shame,any one know for any deals or discount codes to use to get a good deal;dont have to be at game.
not sure about paypal. It also says it can't be used on console bundles, but it works on them (at least for now), unless it means the pre-orders
Hot from me! Used on pre order and also paid with pay pal

ETA Ordered those Disney infinity figures that my daughter has asked Santa for that come out in the autumn if that makes a difference
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Thanks... Used this with my old card account and got a ps4 red controller for £43 heat...
Thank you OP
what about the iPad etc or these just available in store as does not say can not be used on second hand?
Forza 5 LE £50.99

Add Dead Rising 3 save £15 total if you have a One pre-ordered.
looks like it works on tablets and pre-owned, as long as the total is £50+
Didn't get much heat in here, but you got credited on the deal of the day at least! Nice find, hope game has some stock when I go shopping later.
Used to get the ganondorf edition wind waker. Thanks op!
Sweet OP! Got a Nintendo DSi in white with 1 game for £43.33 delivered.

Time to expire my [b]Wanted: DSi for PSP{/b] post I think!

Minimum spend £50 - no deal...
Heat Added because some of you have been able to but I can't get the code to work.

Added GTA5 Game Exclusive Edition (£59.99) and the code says its invalid.
code isn't working for me for anything.
yeah it's removed the discount provided by the voucher, from my basket. Could they have ended it early? Or maybe just a glitch of some kind.

They have also increased the price of pre-owned vita, so maybe we over id it

I've hit expired
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Thanks OP!
Code won't work for me either!
Yeah, looks like it's not working I've hit expire, so mods will know when they see it ^-^
Can't get this to work logged in buying vita not valid anyone using it
This worked for me yesterday but yeah looks like they have ended it now
Damn, I was just about to buy a vita from there too! :-(
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