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Hello , i am french ^^

-£1,50 off £15 with code GAME15

don't work on preorders

1 MAY 2011


genius post.


genius post.



Zut alors.

I am English!

This deal will surrender as soon as the going gets tough.

Ou est le centre pompidou?

Ou est le Pigalé?


by chance are these related


Typical wait for a voucher to be posted and then 3 come along at the same time

duplicado as we say in spain or for our Greek viewers a αντίγραφο


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Original Poster

sorry , i didn't see the post of vishy .

I found this code in another site with a different date of end .

Good site for french gamers like me and "au revoir mes amis" lol
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Ugh, French

Original Poster

thanks you british gamers ^^

I try to speak english because i play often with some scotish gamers on the ps3 ( with a girl specially lol )

we never find voucher code on "Gameplay uk" who was my favorite site before : french gamers buy a lot on zavvi, the hut and game uk because there are many voucher code and offers . I help a man in a french site where we write the language of the import games on console ( PS3 , xbxo360, wii ... ) . i like order to amazon uk because this site is serious and we find good offers with sellers send to international ( I receive some certificate gift from the french site I help ) .

There are online shop made in ireland or other because those versions may have french language on the game and not in the Uk version ?

I say that because some gamers probably received another version of Assassin creed brotherhood UK ordered to zavvi and gameplay and the game was in french and normaly not in the Uk version .

Thanks for the code
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