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£150 off when You Buy the Elife Royale 6sp 36v 250w Electric Folding Bike 20inch Wheel with FREE Coyote Sierra Bike Helmet @ Ideal Home TV
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£150 off when You Buy the Elife Royale 6sp 36v 250w Electric Folding Bike 20inch Wheel with FREE Coyote Sierra Bike Helmet @ Ideal Home TV

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Posted 8th Feb 2018

This deal is expired. Here are some options that might interest you:

Bike Price £499.00 with code RRP £649.99 £9.99 P+P
Bike Details Are:

The Elife Royale is perfect for those looking for a reliable solution for their daily commute or enjoy leisure riding. Perfect for those who need extra assistance or just starting out, or those who travel long distances by bike. A new experience that can revolutionise your riding.

As soon as you start pedalling the motor kicks in. This is called pedal assist, it has three levels of assistance, low medium and high. It makes light work of hills and wind and allows you to travel further than you ever thought possible. This means you can speed past regular bikes on the hills and also the flat. Full assistance will power you to 15.5 miles per hour. Never again arrive at work sweaty, you can ride this bike in full business attire. The Elife makes commuting a dream.

The Royale will take you up to 30 miles at 15.5mph on a single charge (mileage is dependent on weight of the rider and terrain covered). This is all powered by the 36v 7ah Lithium battery, which can be charged on or off the bike. With 6 Shimano Revoshift gears, you can choose a comfortable gear and select the level of assistance you require.

The Elife Royale has a 6km walking mode function, which allows you to push your bike effortlessly over steep ridges or hills. You will really feel the power of the Royale most when you reach a hill and start to slow down. Hills will feel flatter and you'll be able to explore further with this electric bike. This bike is equipped with a 13" fully-folding, hi-tensile steel frame. It can fold down to half its size for easy storage, making it easy for putting into your car or camper van.

The Royale rides on 20", puncture resistant, CST branded tires, which are specially designed for e-bikes and to keep your wheels firmly on the road. Designed with comfort in mind, the adjustable seat post provides flexibility and even more convenience. The comfort saddle is specially sculptured for added comfort, making the Elife Royale great for travelling long distances. This will mean riding more miles will be a breeze. The Royale is finished off with full metal mudguards to protect your bike on the move. An essential sturdy kick stand is also included for easy storage and parking.

This e-bike includes all the features you need without lacking in style and design, and comes with a 2 year warranty for fame and a 1 year for battery and components. Get a free Coyote Sierra Bike Helmet when you purchase this bundle.

Equipped with a sturdy kickstand no need to lean your bike up against a wall. Comes with luggage rack, bungee straps, metal mudguards and front/rear wheel reflectors. It comes 100% assembled; you just need to unfold the frame and handlebar.

  • Fully folding model
  • Front wheel drive
  • Fully folding pedals
  • Large comfort saddle designed for longer journeys
  • 6 speed Shimano Revoshift gears gears work exactly as a normal bike
  • 4 power modes (including zero) 0 is no assistance and 3 is the highest level, plus walking assist, can be controlled from handlebar.
  • Walk assist function allows you to push your bike effortlessly over steel ridges or hills
  • Only weighs 24kg: Easily transportable
  • CST branded tires specially designed for e-bikes to keep wheels planted firmly on the ground
  • Hi speed 36v battery
  • 2-3 hours charging time from flat
  • Maximum user weight 120kg / 18.9 stone
  • Double walled rims for stronger more durable wheels
  • 13" hi tensile steel folding frame in gloss blue or black
  • 30 miles assisted pedalling on one charge (depending on weight of rider and the terrain covered)
  • Frame: 13" fully folding hi tensile steel
  • Rim: Double walled rim
  • Gears: 6 speed Shimano Revoshift gears
  • Wheels: 20" wheels
  • Tyres: CST branded (largest tire brand in the world). Specially made for all terrain. Made to keep wheels planted firmly on the ground
  • Brakes: Alloy v brakes
  • Saddle: large comfort saddle designed with comfort in mind
  • Battery: 36v 7ah removable lithium battery. Can charge an estimated 600-800 times -dependant on storage temperature and charge discharge cycling.
  • Charging time: 2-3 hours
  • Range: Capable of up to 30 miles per charge
  • Motor: 36v hi speed
  • Size: 87 x 36.5 x 78 cm
  • Weight: 27kg
Coyote Sierra Dial Fit Adult Cycling Helmet (Large Size)A helmet is essential for any rider. They are designed to soften impacts to the brain of a cyclist in falls while minimizing side effects such as interference with peripheral vision. The dominant technology is currently in-mould microshell. A very thin shell is incorporated during the moulding process, allowing for larger vents and more complex shapes than previous helmets.

The Coyote Sierra adult helmet features 19 channelled airflow vents to force cool air in and warm air out. Coupled with a easy to use dial fit system and other comforts such as soft touch webbing, fully adjustable chin buckle and side straps ensures perfect custom sizing for every rider. Its stylish aerodynamic design is enhanced with a detachable visor and striking colour schemes.

  • Full in-mould construction.
  • 19 airflow vents for full 360 degree venting.
  • Adjustable chin buckle and side straps.
  • Size adjustable to fit your head
  • Dial fitting system.
  • Sealed inner pads.
  • Anti bug net front vents.
  • Detachable airflow peak.
  • Sizes: large 58-61cm
  • Colour: Black
  • En 1078 compliant.
  • 1X Elife Royale
  • 1X Coyote Sierra Adults Bike Helmet Only In Size: Large, Colour: Black
  • 1 X Manual
  • 1 X Tool Kit
  • 1 X Bell
  • 1 X Reflector
  • 1 X Battery
  • 3 X Battery Keys
  • 1 X Charger
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Wow, so heavy. 27kg. Won’t matter to most people but if you plan on putting it in your car then I hope your back is good.

Cheap though.
God yes, good point, 27kg is a back-breaker (and a deal-breaker IMO) - the whole point of a folding bike is to drive to a car park and bike the rest of the way to work, for example.

27kg compared to a road bike which even for a cheapo is no more than 11kg, and much less if you splash the cash.
thelatics08/02/2018 09:03

God yes, good point, 27kg is a back-breaker (and a deal-breaker IMO) - the …God yes, good point, 27kg is a back-breaker (and a deal-breaker IMO) - the whole point of a folding bike is to drive to a car park and bike the rest of the way to work, for example.27kg compared to a road bike which even for a cheapo is no more than 11kg, and much less if you splash the cash.

This is a battery operated Bike which is Why its is Heavier.
alphamike40 m ago

This is a battery operated Bike which is Why its is Heavier.

This is 9kg heavier than the equivalent bike on halfords, Although it is 150 cheaper
Indeed, it doesn't have to be 27kg - 9kg less for £150 more is a lot though!
Pay the extra £150. The halfords bike has a concealed Panasonic quality battery, high quality drive train, aluminium frame, lower weight, better components all round. It's an absolute world apart in quality for only £150 difference.


If ideal world sold the same bike they would probably want £900-1000 for it.

Not forgetting Halfords will assemble for you, free 6 weeks service and there is always a Halfords nearby for guarantee/warranty work etc. You can also lower the price, topcashback, zeek etc. I realise for some £150 may be a crucial price difference but the low end parts of the ideal world bike will likely fail after relatively light use and need replacing and its quite likely this bike will cost you much more over 5 years allowing for maintenance and repair costs. Also you have to factor in the exposed battery pack. Easily stolen from the bike unlike the Carrera. The Carrera is also a more all weather design and frankly looks far more premium and will likely achieve a higher s/hand price if you needed to sell later. Just seems false economy not to pay the extra £150. The freehub based drivetrain of the Carrera will cope with far more abuse, drops off pavement etc, its the same strong hub design as used on premium bikes and real mountain bikes.

More importantly there doesn't appear to be handlebar height adjustment on this bike unlike the Carrera so many people small and tall may not be able to achieve a good fit on the bike plus it may compromise the bike's ability to fold into a small size. One of the huge benefits of folding bikes is one bike can be used by a whole family (not at the same time of course) so a family living in a flat for example have easy storage of the bike plus everyone can ride it. This is compromised by lack of handlebar height adjustment which limits it to be people more of average height.

Lastly the much lighter weight and superior gearing of the Carrera means if you have to pedal it home without motor assistance it will be far easier to do so. You'll likely be more able to cope with hills rather than get off the bike and walk them.

There are probably many other reasons to go with the Carrera but that's all that came to mind. I guess the cycle to work scheme is another factor you may be able to pay for the bike interest free over a few years and not pay income tax or national insurance on its purchase so could save effectively 30-40% on the price effectively bringing it down to about £350-400 approx if your workplace offers the cycle2work scheme.


Before you ask I don't work for Halfords or have any connection with them at all but the Carrera Crosscity seems to be the e-bike bargain at the moment regarding quality and price.

Couple other points the Carrera battery is 8.7Ah vs 7Ah so you have greater battery capacity.

The one thing in favour of the ideal world bike is the motor is on the front wheel. This gives the advantage that punctures are more likely on the rear wheel and having the motor on the rear wheel makes it more difficult to sort punctures. It will be slower and more difficult to sort punctures with the Carrera.
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