2-4-1 Vouchers With Coke Zero @ Coke Zone

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Coke Zero are offering several vouchers for 2-4-1. All you have to do is sign up and spend points (5 for the alton towers) Points can be collected off coke bottles BUT filling in a short survey (took me about 30 seconds) will earn you enough points to qualify. There are also other options and ways of earning points.


Can I buy a ticket online for the London Dungeons and then present the printout along with the 2-4-1 Coke voucher? Or do I have to buy the ticket at the door. Its just that online the tickets are about £5 cheaper.

anyone got a one point code desperatly needing it

Surefire_MJ you got to use the voucher at the gates you can not use it online

porsch007 just go on coke zone and click on earn points then you will get you 1 point what you need or if your just after 5 points for vouchers do what i do and set a new account up and you will receive 9 points within 5 minutes

I have just printed off 2 of the 2 for 1 alton towers vouchers from Coke Zone using points, can i print off more than 1 copy at once though? There are 8 of us going and thought seen as the 2 i now have look identical i could just photocopy them?

thanks in advance
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